May 28, 2018

Remembering Samantha 
THIS WEEK ONLY! Jungle Friends is thrilled to partner with the generous folks at For the Love of All Things  they  have designed a Capuchin Monkey t-shirt for us and $8 of every purchase goes straight to Jungle Friends!

The monkey on the t-shirt actually looks like my beloved Samantha, the inspiration for Jungle Friends and my co-founder. 

Be sure to order your T-shirt right away, this campaign is live for one week only, starting today. Order your beautiful limited-edition capuchin monkey t-shirts Monday, May 28 at 11:00 am Eastern Time  until June 4 at 11:00 Eastern Time!
Know someone who loves monkeys? You can't go wrong with a Capuchin Monkey T-Shirt! 

Please help us reach our $2,000 goal to provide one year of care for Charlie, a capuchin monkey who was recently confiscated by Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and now lives here at Jungle Friends.
Kari Bagnall, Founder & Executive Director
Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary

P.S. To WIN one of the beautiful Capuchin Monkey t-shirts go to Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary Facebook on Wednesday morning to enter the contest!
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