For the Love 

    Books are everything to Kendu Bay children.  They mean learning, a better future, improved life options.  Yet, our rural schools have no books for grades 1-4. That is why 90% of grade 4 students in Kendu Bay cannot read or write.  Schools lack the tools so children can learn. 

KSHP works to provide critical resources to partner schools.  Our goal this year is to supply K-5 'learn-to-read' books to our zone's primary schools.  In doing this, we make a long-term difference in 'our' children's futures.  We ask for your help.

Today begins KSHP's 2015 campaign 
'For the Love of Books' 
We seek an avalanche of books!  A landslide to jump start reading in Kendu Bay schools.  A flood of good will and thumbs up for children who want to grow into productive citizens.        

Learning begins with this $2.00 reader.  Our goal is to raise $5,000 for the Love of Books
...and kids.

Please help us!  Donate to our campaign to help Kendu Bay kids.    March 1-15, 2015



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