Since, 6 out of 10 families own 1 or more pets in the U.S., it goes without saying that sellers should take this into consideration when putting their home on the market. If you are already a pet-friendly home, you have an edge over your competition by enhancing your amenities that are already in place without having to spend a lot of money.
One of the biggest features for any home buyer is a fenced in yard, but for a pet owner it becomes even more important for securing their pets. If your yard is large and you don't have it fenced in, you might want to consider installing a type of enclosure that would be suitable for Fido to be outside without any worries of escape.
Also, you can help put pet owner buyers' mind at ease by making sure you have non-poisonous plants in your yard, or any other hazzards eliminated for pet's safety and well-being. Plus, adding an area that is sand or gravel designed to accomodate Fido's and/or Frisky's bathroom
needs ensures the remainder of the yard is free from waste, and makes for easier clean-up disposal.
An installed ramp off the deck is a great bonus to those pet-buyers that have senior pets as well as pet doors for easier access to their outdoor area. As a seller it is important that you make sure that your pet-friendly features are in good working condition with all the safety measures put in place.
Make sure to eliminate odors in your home. Even though you are marketing your home to pet-friendly buyers they don't want to smell evidence of yours! Having your kitty litter box clean and show where it is in your home, it will give the pet owner buyer peace of mind in not having to figure out where to put one.
One of the biggest things to make a statement is showing your pet's space. The deluxe doggie bed placed next to your bed. The presence of fresh water in an attractive bowl. A soft blanket in a windowsill showing Frisky's space. Framed photos of your beloved pets out will make a connection to pet-loving potential homebuyers. These special touches speak volumes that this is just as much your pet's home as it is yours.
Now, that your home is ready to be put on the market it is time to choose a real estate broker. So, here is why you should hire a pet-friendly broker rather than those who don't have pets. The big thing is a pet-friendly broker will be able to walk around your home and take notes on what things you could do more to enhance or highlight to those pet-friendly buyers to whom you want to market. After all, you don't want a real estate broker who thinks your pet door is a mistake and needs to be refitted with a regular door. Or worse yet, pretend you don't have Fido or Frisky and remove all evidence that you even have a pet.
Your pet-friendly broker will better understand your needs. Their suggestions as to things you can do are based on their own experiences as pet owners. Besides, it takes one to know one. They can emphasize from room to room what is suitable for life with pets, and recommend steps needed further to achieve your home's full potential.
This pet-friendly marketing strategy along with your pet-friendly broker will set you apart from all the rest of the competition on what your house has to offer. The pet-friendly buyer will see your home for what it is-"Home Sweet Home", for one and all four-legged and two-legged who live there.

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