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 February 2014 


You'll be reading this during Valentine's Day weekend, a time when we shower spouses, children, lovers and friends with cards and gifts to show our love for them.

But what about loving ourselves? Too often we're quick to disregard our own talents and positive attributes. As children, we're taught to put others first. That it's prideful to boast of our accomplishments. So we become self-critical. Who could possibly love us when we have so many imperfections and faults?

But we really can't love others without loving ourselves first. How to do that? Turn the Golden Rule on its head. We can give our Selves the same forgiveness, love and compassion that we give the ones we love. Happy Valentine's Day!

Speaking of love, Vicky Delaney is offering a FREE Karma yoga class, 5:30 pm Tuesday, Feb.18. Space is limited - first come, first served.

We're not letting a little snow and ice get us down and neither should you! If you're feeling some mid-winter blahs, here are some ideas on how to beat them back.

Still trying to take off a few pounds? Check out Dr. Jaime Sanchez's Yoga for Weight Loss workshop and read how yoga works to take off pounds. 

Can Yoga be a competitive sport, worthy of the Olympics? Read about it hear. Share with us on Facebook what you think of it.

The Eginton Alignment workshop last month was so popular  that we asked Meg Eginton to come back. She'll be here Feb. 22 for Introductory  and Advanced workshops. Call 462-3900 for information.

Yoga Teacher Training 2014 starts the weekend of Feb. 14. If you've been on the fence whether or not to sign up, jump down and give us a call - it isn't too late! 

Pregnant? We've had at least one person inquire about a prenatal yoga class. If you - or someone you know - might be interested in this special class, give us a call. If we get enough interest, we'll start a class.

Let us know what other special yoga classes you're interested in. We welcome your feedback! And don't forget to "Like" us on Facebook so you'll be sure to get the latest information on new workshops, class cancellations and time changes.   

Our asana this month is Wide-Angle Seated Pose, a precursor to most of the seated forward bends and twists and wide-legged standing poses. You can read how to do it here.

We offer a wide variety of classes and times. Check out our calendar to find something that fits into your schedule or a service to give you a pick-me-up.




Theresa Franklin, NCTMB, LMT, RYT, CMT
Olivia Kelly, NCTMB, LMT


Feature Article

 featurearticle Going For the Gold in Yoga?      

Some yogis have been putting in extra hours of mindful practice, refining their form and stance, holding their asanas in perfect stillness, hoping to grab top spot in the finals.

No, it isn't for the 2014 Winter Olympics, although if Rajashree Choudhury had her way, competitive yoga would be an Olympic sport.

Choudhury is president and founder of the United States Yoga  Federation, the group responsible for hosting the National  Championship of Yoga Asana in New York. She says yoga asana competitions are a part of the Indian way of life and competed in events from an early age.

The New York competition is March 2; the national semi-finals on March 3 and the finals on March 4. The winners will take part in an international competition scheduled for June in Los Angeles.

How does it work?
Competitors will be judged on seven poses and must do them within three minutes. Five of them are required:
*    Dandayamana Janusirsasana - standing-head-to-knee
*    Dandayamana Dhanurasana - standing bow pulling pose
*    Dhanurasana - bow pose
*    Sasangasana - rabbit pose
*    Paschimottanasana - stretching pose

According to the official rules, competitors will be judges on balance, strength, flexibility, well-paced timing and appropriate breathing in postures. Five seconds of stillness with controlled breathing in the maximum expression of the posture is recommended to demonstrate control and points are deducted for a variety of reasons, including wobbling, uneven breathing or lack of control once in the posture.

Choudhury says it's about strength, balance and flexibility, way to "interest people in yoga who might be put off by the spiritual aspect, by showing them the athletic aspect."

For some, the words "yoga" and "asana championship" are completely at odds. Practicing yoga is not about achieving perfection or competing with others. Yoga and its spiritually can't be separated.

The debate continues but an answer could come as soon as 2020. That's when Yogasiromani Gopalji, executive director of The World Yoga Council and at the forefront of the push to get yoga in the Olympics, would like it.



 secondaryarticle Eginton Alignment Workshops Back by Request  

Meg Eginton, creator of Eginton Alignment Somatic Movement, is returning to Be Well Now to present two workshops. Space is limited and classes are filling fast so don't delay in registering. If you're new to Eginton Alignment or have mobility issues, you'll want to attend the 1 pm workshop, which is an introductory class.

Wear exercise clothing. Bring a pair of socks and, if you have one, your yoga mat. Classes are $36. Please pay this non-refundable fee in advance.

Introductory Eginton Alignment
Saturday, February 22
11:30 - 2:00  (for those with limitations)
There is no age limit on this course. You do need to be able to lie on your back on the floor, though you may get down and up from the floor with support from Meg or a chair. The Eginton Alignment Daily Dozen series frees the major joints of the body from pain or irritation. The series gently stretches, cleans, releases, and realigns the muscles. Because muscles exist to move bones, all movement becomes more graceful, more coordinated, and more comfortable.

Advanced Eginton Alignment
Saturday, February 22
2:30 - 5:00   (for those with NO limitations)
This is a class targeted at head, neck, shoulders, torsos and lower body. How you use your body creates confidence. You will take away exercise sequences that are easy to do at home for continued progress. Built of deep stretches, core work, postural shifts, whole body strength work and exploration of proper walking and standing, this class will give you a new and fantastic experience of moving with elegance and ease. A handout will be available.


thirdarticleNeed a Mid-Winter Pick-me-up?

When the temperatures keep plummeting and it doesn't seem like spring will ever get here, try rejuvenating your body, mind and spirit with one of these:
  • Stop in for a yoga class. Try a different time or day than your usual. Even a small change in your routine can perk you up.
  • Do something really different and try capoeira, the Brazilian fusion martial art.  
  • Talk to Jerry Whitten about tai chi and tang soo do - both have many health benefits.
  • Schedule a facial with Kendelle Pelot and get a jump start on getting your skin ready for bare clothes and warm weather (it will get warm again, we promise!)
  • Call for a massage with one of our FIVE massage therapists. No time during the week? No problem! We have evening and weekend appointments.

Call 462-3900 for information about any of our classes and services.  


Asana Zone


asanazone Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend     
Upavistha Konasana
Oo-pah-VEESH-tah Cone-AHS-anna   
upavistha = seated, sitting
kona = angle  
Upavistha Konasana prepares practitioners for most of the seated forward bends and twists such as Janu Sirsasanathe (Head-to-Knee Forward Bend) as well as for wide-legged standing poses such as Prasarita Padottanasana (Wide-Legged Forward Bend).
The blueprint:
The yogi sits bent forward at the hips, index and middle fingers wrapped around the big toes, elbows bent out to the sides and lifted away from the floor.
How to do it:
1. Begin in Dandasana (Seated Mountain Pose). Press out through the heels and spread your legs away from one another, opening them to a 90-degree angle. Lean back slightly with your hands behind you, then lift your hips and push your butt forward. You should feel as if your hip and pubis bones are shifted forward.
2.  Take a deep breath, elongate the spine and reach toward the ceiling with the crown of the head.
3. Use the hands to "walk" the torso down, bringing it closer and closer to the mat. Remember to work at your own pace. Exhale and relax into the pose. Encourage the stretch, but don't force it. Always listen to your body. If you can't stretch your legs to 90 degrees, bring them closer.
From this position, check your alignment
    *    keep your back flat
    *    keep your thighs engaged
    *    keep your feet flexed, heels on the floor and toes pointing back toward your head
    *    make sure your knees are facing up toward the ceiling
    *    round or arch your back
    *    hyper-extend the knees
4. When you are ready to come out of the pose, gently walk your arms back up, C-curving your spine to a seated position. Bring your legs together.
    *    stretches the hamstrings and inner thighs
    *    elongates and strengthens the spine
    *    opens the hips and groin
    *    promotes calmness
    *    stimulates circulation to the liver, spleen, and adrenals

    *    If you have a lower-back injury, sit up high on a block or folded blanket and keep your torso between vertical and 45 degrees bent forward.
    *    If you have lower back pain, place a folded blanket underneath the "sit" bones. Keep the spine long and the chest open. Lean gently forward into the stretch until you reach a spot that is comfortable for your back and that engages your hamstrings.


The Be Well Now newsletter is edited by Danette Watt. For suggestions, comments or concerns about the newsletter content, contact her at 
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Vicky Delaney is offering a Karma yoga class. Space is limited -  first come, first served.
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jaimesanchezYoga For Weight Loss
If you've been struggling to take off a few pounds, this workshop is for you.

Yoga helps improve digestion, speeds up our metabolism and, perhaps most importantly, helps relax us.  
"When we're stressed, we don't think clearly. We snack and eat whatever comes our way. When we're more relaxed, we're in control and make the right decisions," says Dr. Jaime Sanchez, who will be leading the workshop.

Saturday March 22 19, 11:30 am - 1:30 pm.  $30

Call today to register

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