Jar 'o honey
Month from Harvest
Cultured Pear
Cinema Subarashii
Welcome to our latest newsletter. Oh my! What a wet July! All that water is good for our Asian Pears as it will help them develop their distinctive sizes. However, we hope that August be a bit dry, allowing the pears to develop their wonderfully individualized flavors!

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        July 2015

Jar 'o honey.

Asian Pear Blossom Honey


The orchard bees have finished their magic! Our distinctively pear-shaped jars are now being filled; we'll be making our honey available for purchase via our website within the next two weeks. Place an order reservation now by emailing us. Use promo code "sweetsnack" when you shop at our online store:


A month away from harvest.

The upcoming weeks prove very exciting as we watch the pears swell into their familiar sizes. 


Can't wait to taste our Asian Pears?  Neither can we! Take advantage of pre-season ways to order our fresh Asian Pears: Adopt A-Tree or Cyber CSA. Two great ways to be at the front of the line for our fruit this season.

Adopt-A-Tree: eat all the fruit from your very own tree. Shipping included with your adoption. Can't make it to your local farmers' market or CSA farm? Cyber CSA is 'fruit of the month' style way to snack on our fresh Asian Pears each Fall month.  


Keen on a particular variety of Asian Pear this season? Let us know which variety of Asian Pear you'd like to order when harvest begins: email us. Visit our website often for info about our freshly harvested varieties including the new style Asian Pear we'll be unveiling soon. Free shipping with promo code: sweetsnack


Cultured pear in an oyster.


This Fall, we'll be kicking off the harvest with some sweet tastings of our pears, particularly our ever-favorite variety, the Asaju Asian Pear.  


We grow the Asaju pear in a wax-lined bag that was slipped onto each pear late Spring. The result is an almost invisible, luminous yellow skin.  


Join us for a sneak peek pre-harvest tasting of Asaju at Clam Jam, the annual street fair in center city Easton, PA from Noon to 6 pm Sunday, August 30th. Clam Jam is hosted by the Third & Ferry Fishmarket restaurant.  


No pearls in the oysters will be served, but there will be Pears!  For more info about Clam Jam.


Cinema Subarashii.

Weekly, we are posting video clips from our Asian Pear orchard on our own YouTube channel.


A first hand look at all that is involved with how we grow our fruit, the seasons, the crew, culinary dishes to prepare with our pears and much more.


Click here for some sweet cinema, Subarashii style!


  Pear Spread Funny Cake      

Funny Cake with Asian Pear Spread


We've been chuckling about this cake ever since a member of our orchard team, Jamie, first baked a traditional version of this Pennsylvania Dutch classic: Funny Cake.  For some Summer fun, Jamie baked a creative version of this pie-shaped cake; this time using our Asian Pear Spread instead of chocolate.

Enjoy this olde-time dessert with a sweet, modern twist! Click here to download the recipe.

To order our Asian Pear Spread for baking this cake, use promo code sweetsnack while shopping at our online store.





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