For Unto Us a Child is born.... His name shall be called...Everlasting Father.... Isaiah 9:6

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Jesus came to give us life and to give it more abundantly...  John 10:10.  We have witnessed Him giving hope and life through His love to many. Thank you for your generous support and prayers.   
- Kathleen Trock-Molhoek 
- 2017 Training in Asia 
"This is the training that changes my heart attitude for children. I just learn the spiritual value of children in my ministry. I cry so much during the training because I can hear God's voice that I never heard before." Sayama Khin San win
Yangon, Myanmar

  During the three weeks in Myanmar, Laos and  Thailand, nearly 500 leaders and pastors  attended the Pebbles and Stones training. They represented over  300 churches and para church organizations.
  Using the 17 Stories from One Hope (based on the Pebbles and Stones teaching model), 63,000 story cards were distributed in these three countries during 2017.  I am thankful for Sheryl Luth from India who traveled with me.
  I thank God for the  outpouring of His Spirit during each meeting. Seminary students encountered the ministry of  the Holy Spirit and responded with tears and by prostrating  themselves before the Lord.  Children as young as four years old sobbed as the Holy Spirit ministered to their hearts and revealed the Father's love.  

Comments From Myanmar Attendees:

"This is the training that changes my heart attitude for children. I just learn the spiritual value of children in my ministry. I cry so much during the training because I can hear God's voice that I never heard before." Sayama Khin San win

"This training really touches my heart. And, our church will do the ministry." Saya Lay Lo
"This is the first time I am learning about hearing God's voice. It is very spiritual lesson I never got from my church. I am so encouraged to help children listening to God." Sayama Tan Tan

"I like to have more training so that I can train so many others for helping children to have deeper relationship with Jesus." Sayama Thazin

                      To read the full report from Myanmar click here.

"For Sure God Speaks through Children": Update from Kenya
Dear Kathleen,
  To God be the Glory. I am excited beyond any reasonable doubt knowing that God really works through children as they worship, listen, journal, share and pray.
 Africa Hope Academy once lived in despair, hopelessness, and quite unsure of our future. The children suffered from insults, intimidation and sarcastic sentiments from their peers at privileged and established schools. My word to them was, "It's God who provides, not men."
  During one of the December vacations, I had an opportunity to attend a Pebbles and Stones conference in my home church in Bikeke. I closely followed the teachings and to my surprise, this brought a great revelation into my life as far as children's ministry is concerned. I quickly applied what I had learned  to my calling which is children's ministry.
  I did not wait to extend Pebbles and Stones ministry in my school and started in January of 2015. Within a short period of time, the children displayed a glimmer of hope. I realized that this was divine restoration.  As hope broke through, we continued with the teaching model of Pebbles and Stones. During journaling and sharing, it was evident that divine transformation was being realized. They drew the most amazing things of which some have been realized just two years later.  We are still hoping for more. 
  Mr. Titus Wekesa, a former volunt eer teacher at Africa Hope Academy and currently a student at Nairobi University recently visited the school and these were his words:   

Hope filled the hearts of children as they moved from benches to desks in 2017. Their 2018 prayers are to go from dung covered floors to cement. Will you help?
"For sure God speaks through children. I used to see these children journaling and sharing about their school when I was teaching here. Currently, I can bear witness that what used to be on paper is gradually turning into reality. This must be God's doing. To this end, we are committed to conducting Pebbles and Stones lessons because this is a revelation that will take us to greater heights. To everyone reading this article, seek God through implementation of this program and beyond any reasonable doubt, and He will really unveil His will for your ministries as well as your personal life. I have attached some photos which  indicates how we are committed to this program." 
-Paul Barasa-Director Africa Hope Academy.
20 Years Later: Karys Reflects on Hearing God's Voice
Karys Rounds
 I sat surrounded by my church friends, eating my stale animal crackers dipped in Dixie cups of water in front of a blank page. Earlier, our leader had introduced the idea of journaling our thoughts about God and asking for God to give us things to write and draw. Sometimes, the blank page would taunt me as I struggled to find what God was showing me, but on this particular day, my journaling brought me right back to camp the previous week. The scene that played in my memory was a vision of walking into the main worship room and being completely surrounded by true worship. That night, I, a fourth grade student, had stepped into a room filled with high school and middle school students who were smiling, hugging, and shouting praises in unison. There was so much energy in that room and all of it was directed towards God. Never before had I been so captured by God's glory. 
  "I saw God in there", I told my mom that night. Thus, when I sat with my Pebbles and Stones journal in front of me, I quickly started sketching my adolescent stick figures complete with music notes and smiling faces. This is one of the many memories I have of Pebbles and Stones. Learning to discern the voice of God and to see how God was moving around me at a young age has been so influential on how I live my life now that I am not sure how to summarize. My decisions about careers, going to college, getting married and which jobs I should take have been influenced by my journals and asking God what He wants. I even learned something as small as my gift for harmonization when I wrote a song in my journal as a child and knew what notes to put with the music to make it sound how I wanted .
  As I have grown, I've learned to measure what I hear with Scripture, tradition and other's wisdom. I have wrestled with God through difficult questi ons and doubts. I struggled to discern what was God's voice and what was my own or the influence of culture. I even got to the point of wondering if I could really be right and all other religions wrong. In the end, I kept my faith in part because God reminded me of my relationship with Him and all the conversations we had together. Because I had lived life with Him guiding me, I couldn't believe in anything else. As Peter so accurately stated in John 6:68, my response became "Lord, to whom shall [I] go? You have the words of eternal life." To be able to hear life-giving words by listening to Spirit-led thoughts is a gift I would never give away for anything the world had to offer.
Listen, Journal, Share, and Pray

  Potter's House School started the year envisioning children and adults participating in their Pebbles and Stones inter-generational teaching model.  Dr Tony Tendero shared the following with us: "Pebbles and Stones relationships have been tender and the younger students, with their child-like faith, have given adults and teachers windows into what God and His word have for each of us."
  Two kindergartners

 led their groups into new understandings of 1 Corinthians 13:4.  As they studied "love is patient, love is kind.  It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud," they asked the Lord what He wanted to tell them about this verse.  The first student sensed God asking her to have a "live heart."  In the prayer group afterwards, the student received prayer that she might have "a live heart."
 The second student sensed that the path to being kind led through apology and saying "sorry."  His partner prayed for him to be given the gift of quickly apologizing."

Thank you phrase written on beach sand
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