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Winding down the earthly affairs of a departed loved one is daunting enough, but when there are caregivers, roommates, beneficiaries and others who refuse to leave the estate home or rental property after the owner has passed, the transition can be much more exasperating.

As we plan for an upcoming talk on the legal status of individuals who hunker down after the owner has died and how to escort wayward occupants out of an inherited property in a compassionate and legal manner, we lay the groundwork in this blog for an awkward but necessary conversation to have.

There are calls in Berkeley to ban criminal background screening in the rental application process, essentially propelling ex-offenders to a protected class. We provide some background on the ordinance and give some context to 'second chance' laws here .

With statewide rent caps soon upon many owners not already subject to more strict rent control, a natural question is what the actual change in the CPI is. Our friends at the California Apartment Association have solved this riddle by offering a handy calculator here , though non-members will have to register as guests.

Sharing another technological marvel, we invite anyone contemplating the construction of an Accessory Dwelling Unit to utilize this nifty tool that explores the regulations and feasibility of the project.
Widgets to calculate fluctuating changes in CPI and to determine the feasibility of building an ADU
The CAA has provided a tool to ascertain the change in CPI for your properties, along with a wealth of additional resources. To access the calculator, you will need to sign into the website with your CAA login credentials or register as a guest.
If you are thinking about applying for a permit to build an ADU, this platform will give you a springboard of considerations by codifying laws and regulations in a computable form.
With much more to discuss, follow us to continue the conversation.