From our family to yours, thank you.
It’s been a tumultuous time, but we will get through this. 
2020 already stood to be the most complicated era in landlord-tenant law ever. After Assembly Bill 1482 ushered in statewide rent and eviction controls, local governments grappled to institute their own rules. 

Then the pandemic hit.

For what seemed to be an eternity, courts were ground to a near halt until the judiciary and Sacramento lawmakers provided some guidance on how to return to a semi-state of normalcy.

Although a critical branch of our government has been restored, the law is always cleaner on the page than it is in real life. Many more questions linger. 

It's a tall order, but we are committed to making sense of it all and help broker solutions with the strong bias of avoiding the inundated court system unless absolutely necessary.

Never in our careers have rental property owners faced such a complicated regulatory regime, but together, we will power through your real estate challenges.

Some of our team members have put together their own remarks, sharing what they are thankful for in these difficult times.

To our valued clients, referral partners and trade groups that join us in educating our community, we wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving. 

With gratitude, 
Thanksgiving is the perfect time to stop and reflect on the things that we should be grateful for. I for one, am grateful for my mother who brought me to U.S., so I could have a better life. She had devoted her life to making sure I received a good education and got a good job, may God rest her soul. I am also happy to find good friends who are there to support and redirect me whenever I am heading down the wrong path, and a loving wife who is there with me through thick and thin. Lastly, I am thankful for finding a career as a law clerk, where I can work alongside with professionals who dedicated their lives to serve others in need. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

~ Patrick
While I am aware and sensitive that this is a very critical time, I am grateful for my friends and family who are still here safe and sound with me. I am thankful for being able to enjoy time with the people around me, even if socially distanced, and for the little things that makes the day a little brighter. I hope and pray for many families that are struggling in this difficult time that they find a little bit of light, love and peace this holiday season.

~ Elizabeth
This year has thrown us many unexpected curve balls, and as Thanksgiving is approaching, it can be difficult to even think or consider what to be grateful for under these interesting yet crucial circumstances.
Some of you may be choosing to self-isolate and celebrate with friends and/or relatives on Zoom. Others may be hosting a dinner strictly with household members or a limited number of loved ones with precautions being taken. While these celebrations are taking place, sadly, many chairs will be empty this year or they may not be the same as the previous years.
However you choose to celebrate, let us say a prayer and not forget those who lost a loved one or are currently struggling with the unimaginable. But let us also look around and be grateful for what we still have. Whether it be a place to sleep, a loved one next to us, a pet or even simply a plate of food. There is always something as small and simple that can warm our hearts and remind us what to hold on to.Happy Thanksgiving and be safe!

~ Victoria
When it comes to complicated laws and rules, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds, but when you keep your eye on the bigger picture, it is all about managing relationships, so I’ve been privileged to be a part of a practice that, really, is a microcosm of life. When you remove the arcane rules, it’s all about negotiation and striking win-win-relationships, and thinking smartly/strategically if there is a conflict. I’m thankful for my family - my three-year old twins are the love of my life. 

I’m thankful for strengthening rocky relationships and having a better perspective when a relationship goes awry. When you boil it down, landlord-tenant law and its challenges applies to every aspect of life and business.

~ Jim
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