Vol. 1, No. 6
We're a Brooklyn company designing
tools for people with physical limitations.
Our novel rolling walker, Spring , will
be available in early 2019.
What We're Doing:
Would you like to attend a free demonstration of Spring? We are planning events in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Long Island (North Fork). Email us if you are interested, if you want us to invite someone or if you want us to come to another place: info@foraydesign.com . We’ll do our best!
We’re on our way to visit our factory in China.  When we can provide
you with a ship date, we will confirm our pre-orders.
Product Feature of the Month:
Parking Brake

To lock a conventional rollator, you must use two hands to lock
one side...then two hands to lock the other side.

(If you’re lucky, it won’t roll away while you’re doing it.)
With Spring, grasp the seat and pull it forward.

Voila! The parking brake is actuated.

If you don’t want to open the seat, you can also
activate the parking brake using ONE hand.
What We're Learning:
Lots of us talk the talk, but students in the
Physical Therapy Assistant Program, at Mercer County Community College, walk the walk. Once a semester, students are outfitted with a walker, wheelchair or other device. They have to go to a mall, buy food in a food court, use a public restroom, dressing room, etc. According to Professor
Barbara J. Behrens, they return to class wiser,
full of recommendations--and exhausted!
What We’d Like to Know :

Which venues do you or a loved
one find difficult?

Write to us at info@foraydesign.com

Or call us at: (833) MY-FORAY
(833) 693- 6729

Pre-Order Now

We're taking pre-orders for early 2019 delivery. No payment is due now and we'll contact you to confirm price and delivery information.

Spring is rated for 250 pounds. It will be sold at $345 with a
lifetime guarantee for refund or exchange.

To be eligible for a discount, sign up for our pre-order notification:

Your Foray Design Co-Founders,
Patricia Kavanagh, M.D.
Colin Touhey
Hal Ebbott
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