In the News This Week: Calls Shenseea 'Stellar' + Christopher Martin's Billboard Plaque + Usain Bolt Promotes 'Country Yutes' + GrooveGalore Muzik, Honorebel and Big Mountain “If I Only Knew!” + Dancehall Trending Chart + More! Says Shenseea’s Voice is
‘Stellar’ on Donda!
Kanye West’s anticipated tenth album arrived on Sunday—no less—from the Sunday Service rapper. The 27-track album is dedicated to his late mother, Donda West.
The album features a variety of known and unknown voices. Beyond your obvious hip hop royalty like Jay-Z, who is featured on the album, here are some of the other stellar voices on the album. That includes a number of female voices on the album, as well.
Shenseea The Jamaican singer, known for her recent hit Run Run, is featured on the album. At just 24, Shenseea proves to be a rising star. West features her serenading vocals on the track Pure Souls, where she sings alongside Roddy Ricch. 

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Christopher Martin Shows Off Billboard Plaque
For No. 1 Album ‘And Then!’
Big Yard artist Christopher Martin unveiled a plaque for his Billboard Reggae Albums chart-topping sophomore album And Then, in an Instagram video on Saturday, to the delight of his fans.
Thrilled about the delivery, Martin could be heard saying, “It’s a good feeling” as he unwrapped the package. In his caption, he reminisced about a time when such triumphs were a hopeful dream and thanked his team for making his dream come true.
“Remember up a country when mi did a climb tree…now I’m climbing charts!!! God good eeh  This one is for all of those who’ve been with me from the jump!!! Couldn’t have done it without you all!!! Love unuh from mi HEART!!!!” Martin wrote.
He thanked VP Records, Big Yards CEO – Robert Livingston, his manager Kingy Lettman and music producer/song writer Kamal along with others who, he said “stay at the studio and vibe with me til all hours a night!!! God bless all of u!!!!”
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Throwback to 2019 with Christopher Martin "Life"
from the album And Then
Usain Bolt Promotes ‘Country Yutes!’
8x Olympic gold medalist, fast-rising music maven, entrepreneur, and producer Usain Bolt has released his eagerly awaited debut album, "Country Yutes," via A-Team Lifestyle Records / UnitedMasters. The album makes its official premiere following the release of various singles met with global acclaim and attention, including the lead single "It's A Party."
“Country Yutes" serves as a beautiful, seamless convergence of genres, sounds, and vibes native to Bolt's worldview of influences. Bolt unites the new and next of Dancehall / Reggae with his best friend Nugent "NJ" Walker, who takes a natural lead as primary featured artist, Bibi, Kamal, Jae Xo while he and his A-Team Lifestyle ensemble masterfully curate prowess production and more.
“If you have followed my career over the years, you would see me always dancing and listening to music. It's no secret to the world that I love music. Music has just always been a part of my DNA,” Usain shares.
Usain x NJ provide the soundtrack of times as they chronicle many experiences native to growing up in the Trelawny Parish of Sherwood Content to life in Kingston.
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GrooveGalore Muzik, Honorebel and Big Mountain “If I Only Knew!” 
When you first listen to “If Only I Knew” from GrooveGalore MuziK, Honorebel and Big Mountain, you may recall that you’ve heard it before!
This classic tune was the 3rd #1 Hit for reggae crooner Beres Hammond, and the inspiration for Paul KasticK – GrooveGalore MuziK to find the right time and collaboration partners to produce and record it again.
The new single has a contemporary sound that is balanced by the trademark DJ lyrical delivery of Honorebel. The Reggae groove will make you want to dance and sing along. The song is also dedicated to the memory of Jerome Cruz, original guitarist of Big Mountain who was present when KasticK conceived the idea for this song. Jerome’s chords and guitar play shines brightly on the track. “If I Only Knew” is released in honor of Jerome. 
The official music video is streaming on YouTube:
Dancehall Trending Chart!
(September 6th, 2021)
Pictured: Chronic Law
Dancehall heavyweight Chronic Law is having a great week with 2 songs on the Dancehall Trending Chart!

Billboard chart topping producer Melio Sounds has compiled this weeks list of trending Dancehall releases. In addition to naming the artist and song title, Melio includes the songs producer. In his words, "everybody has to get credit!

Load Up Your Playlist With These New Releases!
Prince Swanny - Heathen (New)
Shenseea - Bad Habit (Freestyle)
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