Ford Joins Grandparents Against Gun Violence to Ban Assault Weapons in Illinois

Chicago, IL. Residents at Plymouth Place Senior Living are fed up with the gun violence plaguing Illinois. They refuse to sit silently on the sidelines watching families be torn apart by assault weapons and large magazines of ammunition.  

On Aug. 15, 2022, residents of Plymouth Place presented Rep. La Shawn K. Ford with over 375 petition signatures of residents calling for the ban on assault weapons in Illinois. 

During the meeting, the senior citizens urged Rep. Ford to work with colleagues to take action to ban assault weapons and large magazines of ammunition by passing House Bill 5522. 

Enthusiastic about civic engagement, Rep. Ford stated, "Today's push by the senior citizens in La Grange Park adds to the growing demand of voters all over Illinois pushing Springfield to do something this Fall Veto Session to ban assault weapons in Illinois. I am committed to pushing to get these weapons of mass destruction off the street in Illinois, and I am grateful to be teaming up with the senior citizens at Plymouth Place Senior Living to help save lives in Illinois." 

The Plymouth Place Residence Council/Grandparents Against Guns is a nonpartisan group and a vital part of the life of Plymouth Place Senior Living, taking up this issue of gun safety and several others as an effort to stay actively engaged in the surrounding community. President of the Council, Joyce Linn, stated "We are older, not over the hill, but limited currently in personal community outreach type of volunteerism because of Covid/Public Health. However, many residents here have always been active in communities and care. We want to remain helpful." 

For more information, please contact 773-416-4663. 

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