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CHV, MKT, and Ford for Health Centers

Health centers use vehicles for a wide variety of purposes. Whether transporting patients, delivering meals, or maintaining facilities, many health centers utilize their own cars, trucks, and vans. 

The Value in Purchasing (ViP) Program contracts with MKT to help secure vehicles at aggressive rates for health centers. 

MKT has announced that today’s supply chain issues are greatly impacting Ford’s production and prices are increasing. However, demand for vehicles remains high. 

If health centers use Ford vehicles today or are interested in additional Ford vehicles, please submit your information below. MKT is working with Ford to secure dedicated vehicles for health centers. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase. Submitting your information will provide MKT with data to work with Ford on behalf of all health centers and ease limited supply.


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Want to learn more about how ViP can help save you money? To learn more about this special offer or to enroll in ViP, please contact: Rodrigo Peredo -, Alex Vactor - or Bob Piacine -


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