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Fore on the floor! US Golf Association Museum goes FreeStyle
Avid golfers view the United States Golf Association Museum and Arnold Palmer Center for Golf History in Far Hills, New Jersey, to be more of a shrine than a tourist attraction. So when one of our distributors, Spartan Surfaces, placed an order for the Museum, it felt more like we were being enshrined there as well.

The project consisted of the installation of 1625 square feet of our FreeStyle ESD4, CVT glue-down conductive tiles in the Museum’s telecommunications center. In addition to its attractive good looks, the FreeStyle ESD flooring minimizes the impact of static electricity that could potentially harm computer hardware and other electronics.

Beyond looks and functionality, our FreeStyle ESD flooring is easy to install with our patented interlocking technology—no messy adhesives needed. It’s even easier to maintain.

To check out this museum-caliber flooring, check out our digital binder below. For more information on other FreeStyle products visit or call 877-738-4537.
The proper choice of flooring in a retail environment can provide aesthetic appeal and comfort to customers and employees, and in turn, deliver a more pleasant atmosphere. The floor is often known as “the fifth wall” of a room and should receive consistent maintenance. With studies proving that flooring can have an impact on a customer’s purchasing decision, choosing the right commercial flooring is more critical than ever.

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