Forecast: Cold, Cloudy, and Competitive
As the cold weather creeps in, families are looking for indoor activities to create fun memories and break kiddos from the screens for a bit. Whether it is a game or a puzzle, we know there's always that one family member that gets crazy competitive (I'm talking to YOU, last puzzle piece hider!) and these classic games and puzzles are guaranteed to stir up a little family excitement on a cloudy day. Click pictures below to see our Must-Haves and Best Sellers in the John Hansen & Educa Catalogs that are IN-STOCK and SHIPPING and order ANYTIME ANYWHERE on the McManemin Online Order Portal.
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Educa - 17099 Once Upon A Time  
Educa - 11874 Guadi Collage
Educa - 15159 Antique World Map 
Educa - 18007 Krabi, Thailand 
Educa - 18460 Views Of Florence  
1222 Pretty Pretty Princess 
985 Metal Chessman with Deluxe Wood Chess Board & Storage  
5027 Rubik's 3x3 Cube 
77803 Mega Screen Solitaire 
62083 Wild West Shooting Set
01504 Giant Jenga Genuine  
103440 Chinese Checkers in Tin  
1137 Clue Classic Edition 
1142 Scattergories Catagories 
38015 15" Backgammon Attache
100 Original Slinky 
M1303 Hoberman Mini Sphere Rainbow
01126 Monopoly Classic Edition
1121 Risk 1959 
SP100 Switch Pitch Assortment