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A New And Mighty Generation
"Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it."
Proverbs 22:6

How can the millions of desperate people be reached with God's love and transforming power when they are entrapped and controlled by their customs, cultures, and beliefs that are engraved and rooted within their hearts and minds? The sad fact is that sometimes it is nearly impossible. Yet what about the young innocent children? These are the ones we can reach. Their minds are eager and their beliefs unformed. Imagine the mighty influence a new generation raised up as warriors for Christ could have.

Perhaps God has put these orphans on your heart? If so, join us as we have many connections having worked with various orphanages over the years. We send to those who show Real interest and desire to teach the children to KNOW Christ in a personal way!! We also stay connected and follow up with them in case they need a helping hand along the way.


          Shockingly, according to UNICEF, there are approximately 153 million orphans worldwide with an increasing estimate that 5,700 additional children become orphans everyday! It is difficult to let our minds comprehend this as the realization sinks in of the terrible heart wrenching situations, rejections, and hardships these young innocent children are enduring. How much love they are desperately lacking! The love and tender nurturing care of a personal Savior. Likely the majority of these children will not be adopted into a loving family and their permanent home will become the nearest orphanage. Yet what an outreach opportunity! These young impressionable souls, if rightly trained could go out to reach their own countries which are ensnared within Satan's grasp and entrapped within their superstitions, traditions, and cultures. This is why we are sending out our materials to orphanages across the globe. It is in an effort to help the caregivers learn how to parent and nurture these vulnerable children in the Spirit of Christ instead of using the natural compelling, fleshly, and harsh ways.

          Working directly with orphanages small and large alike is proving quite successful. We have sent materials specifically on how to "Parenting by the Spirit" to all ages, sharing child rearing techniques which work to teach obedience under God, giving both children and caregivers alike the experience of Christ in them changing them. They discover personal value In Christ, and being empowered to overcome their fears, ruling emotions, and carnal selfish habits. Its a miracle over and over again. This has been tremendously fruitful as the children and youth learn in these formidable years the realities of God healing them from their core of selfishness. In return they are finding freedom from a life bound by compelling sin. They are discovering a personal Savior. This outreach will ripple out for primitive yet intimate godliness to be experienced and shared one-on-one in households. As they surrender they experience who God really is!

          What an invaluable work it is, to train the minds and wills of children to respond to the Holy Spirit's call on their hearts. As adults they will share these vital truths of how to be a branch connected to the VINE Jesus Christ... You may like to help us in this avenue of the work by donating to these orphanages, enabling us to send out these life-changing materials to help them. Whether through donation or prayer, if God is tugging at your heart please respond. Together let us work to further God's work and hasten His coming. Building up a generation fit for his service. The empowerment of Christ in His people has far reaching, endless, unfathomable effects.

May God's Love empower and enlighten you daily,
Jim and Sally

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