Trading with the world in the Twin Counties
Due to the uncertainty around US tariffs and their potential impacts, industry leaders are in need of a cost effective solution to continue their growth.

The Carolinas Gateway Partnership can be a resource to help your business minimize these potential tariff impacts. With our convenient location along the Eastern seaboard and premier sites and buildings that are located in a Foreign Trade Zone, the Twin Counties offer companies a unique and cost effective location for international trade.

The Twin Counties, Nash and Edgecombe, are located in Foreign-Trade Zone #214. This means all of our sites and buildings are located within a "duty-free" zone for businesses. The Foreign-Trade Zone program allows individuals and businesses in this area the unique opportunity to import foreign goods into a duty-free zone. Below is a list of benefits and advantages of using a Foreign-Trade Zone program.
Benefits of Operating in a Foreign-Trade Zone
  • Duty deferral
  • Duty elimination
  • Duty reduction
  • Federal and state tax savings
  • Transfers between zones with no duties
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Destruction of damaged or substandard goods without paying duties
Advantages of the Twin Counties Foreign-Trade Zone
  • Midpoint between Maine and Florida
  • Close proximity to an international air cargo facility located at the NC Global Transpark that can accommodate the world’s largest aircraft
  • Located along two major interstate highways (Interstate 95 and future Interstate 87) with international trucking facilities
  • The new CSX Carolina Connector Intermodal Facility planned to be completed in 2020 located in Rocky Mount, North Carolina
  • Skilled workforce, with customized training programs through North Carolina’s Community College System
  • Home to industrial parks, like the Kingsboro Megasite, Tarboro Commerce Center, and Whitakers Industrial Business Center, serving businesses in manufacturing and assembly, research, fulfillment centers, and warehousing and distribution, among others
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