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Volume 14 - Issue 1                                                              

Winter, 2015                                                                                  


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Business Valuation - Does the Future Matter?


One of the basic rules in business valuation - whether for divorce, shareholder suits, estate returns - is that the valuation is done as of a point in time. In a divorce case, it is typically as of the date of complaint; in a shareholder suit it would typically be either the date of complaint or perhaps the day before the alleged oppressive action began; and for estate returns, it's as of the date of death. Particularly in litigation, it is hardly unusual to have a situation where, by the time you reach serious discussions for settlement or trial, what was the value as at the original valuation date has now - allegedly - changed. Further, more often than not, any such allegations are that the value has declined, and usually those allegations are that it has declined significantly. Thus, the issue arises as to how much do we look into the future, how much do we take a peek at subsequent events for valuation purposes.  

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The High Life


In the divorce arena, much has been made lately of the standard of living enjoyed by the (once blissfully enraptured) couple. In most situations, the standard of living experienced by the couple is probably fairly well determined within a reasonable margin of error. Further, other than the typical middle-class concerns as to the near impossibility of maintaining two households as cheaply as one, we have a sense of what the parties should expect going forward. The purpose of this article is to address two areas where the standard of living is greatly complicated by financial factors that distort how the couple has been living. We are not dealing with unreported income - but rather the perhaps more benign issues of debt and gifts.  



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   Focus on Fun


Accountants & Humor

A Sociological Fable


An individual who conducted seminars advocating tax strategies for turning personal expenditures into deductible business expenses was convicted of conspiracy to defraud the US and aiding in the preparation of false returns. James Otis told prospective clients that he knew of secret provisions hidden in the Tax Code - provisions that accountants and attorneys were not trained in. He advocated steps such as deducting a cat as a rodent control device, deducting the cost of dog food as a security device, and deducting the cost of a bird as aerial surveillance. His clients signed a participating agreement, agreeing to pay him a percentage of their gross income, or a percentage of the tax savings generated by his services. One example given was a doctor who deducted, as a security expense, over $17,000 in health care costs incurred for the heart condition of his intravenously-fed, non-mobile, 11-year old German Shepherd 




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The BARSON GROUP  is proud to announce the publication of


"Divorce: The Accountant as Financial Expert" 

 by Kalman A. Barson, CPA/ABV, CFE, CFF 




***We are delighted to announce that the book is in its second printing!***


This is Kal's 6th text focusing on divorce related accounting services, including investigative accounting, business valuations, funds flow tracing and related issues.  While its primary audience is fellow CPAs, as well as attorneys practicing family law and judges sitting in the family section of the court, it is written in such a fashion so that it would be readily understood by the general lay public.  All royalties have been assigned to three charities devoted to helping women and children.


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