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Fall, 2017: Volume 16 - Issue 3      
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Home is Where the Tax Savings Are
One of the most common assets with which we deal in a divorce, and one which has some of the most favorable tax treatments available (and at the same time one for which the tax treatments are so often misunderstood by non-tax experts), is the marital home. While as a general statement there are many unique items within the Tax Code, the marital home indeed has a special place, blessed with certain tax benefits that are simply nowhere else to be found in the Tax Code.

 A QDRO is a Terrible Thing to Waste
While we're pretty sure that every attorney who practices in family law has heard the phrase, and is at least superficially familiar with, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO), there are a number of nuances and aspects of same that probably warrant emphasizing. The purpose of this article is to do exactly that - bring to the fore various elements of a QDRO, some of the key things to keep in mind and that need to be done.

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