November 8, 2016
Efrat's  Message : MessageFromPresident

Welcome to Foresight's last Quarterly newsletter of 2016! We have just returned from the Licensing Executives Society (LES) Annual meeting in Vancouver, where we had the opportunity to meet many of you who are members of the licensing community. Foresight was a sponsor of the meeting this year, and this newsletter includes some of our highlights from the event.

In more LES news, I am proud to announce that I have been elected Secretary of the High Tech Sector (HTS) of LES USA-Canada.  This is a 3-year rotational executive leadership role where I will eventually resume the role of Chair of the HTS in Fall of 2018. The HTS is one of the largest and most active sectors of LES, with oversight of six subcommittees: Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Services & Software, Semiconductors, Advanced Science and Materials, Mobile & Consumer Electronics, and Aerospace & Transportation. I invite all of you to join LES, and if you are already an LES member, please join the HTS and participate in our monthly webinars, conference workshops and other networking and educational opportunities.


I hope you enjoy our new podcast series on innovation, also highlighted in this newsletter. The series covers various topics related to startups, the fundraising cycle, and IP strategy.  We always look to suggestions and recommendations on topics that you would like to see covered in our upcoming articles, webinars and podcasts. As always, we remain committed to education as a way to help manage innovation to its maximum potential.


We are looking forward to a great holiday season! Happy Thanksgiving to all our colleagues, clients and friends!


Warm Regards,


New Podcast Series:NewPodcastSeries

The EU-Japan Technology Transfer Helpdesk has produced a series of Podcast interviews with Foresight President, Efrat Kasznik. The mission of the Helpdesk is to support EU and Japanese companies, universities, and research centers in situations involving technology transfer. The Podcast series covers various topics related to intellectual property and startups. You can find the entire series  here.

In each of our upcoming newsletters, we will feature one Podcast from the series. This quarter, our featured Podcast is "How to Position Your Startup for Funding:"  Having a great product along with the right business model and team to execute on it are the fundamental building blocks to startup success. Product to Execution is like the tires to a car: one needs the other in order to get to your destination. This Podcast presents Foresight's proprietary Product/Execution Quadrant model which provides a useful framework for early stage startup assessment (Pre Series-A) and for identifying areas of weakness on either the Product or Execution side that should be addressed in order to take the company to the next level. It is based on this article , published earlier this year in the Business Journal.

Upcoming Events: UpcomingEvents

CPA Global is a leading international IP services organization, with services and software covering IP searches, document management, advanced analytics, and more. On December 1st, the company is hosting the Silicon Valley IP Forum at the Garden Court Hotel in Palo Alto, CA. The half-day event will cover industry trends and challenges, and feature speakers from leading corporate and law firm IP practitioners.

Key events include a keynote address from USPTO Silicon Valley Directory, John Cabeca, and an Internet of Things (IoT) panel moderated by Foresight's President, Efrat Kasznik. Efrat has focused her IP-related research on IoT for several years and has until recently served as Chair of the IoT Committee of the LES High-Tech Sector. Foresight's publication, " The Internet of Things: Moving Towards a Connected World," provides an in-depth look at this emerging industry and current and future challenges its ecosystem faces.

The event will run from 1:00PM - 6:30PM, and will conclude with a cocktail networking reception. For more information and to register, please visit this link.
Recent Conference Highlights: RecentConferenceHighlights

LES 2016 Annual Meeting:

The Foresight team attended the LES Annual Conference in Vancouver, BC this October. The event, titled  Global Deals: New Strategic Frontiers , was held at the picturesque Vancouver Convention Center and featured keynote speeches from a variety of industry leaders and IP experts. The 4 day event covered various IP-related topics in technology and life sciences, including electric vehicles, gene editing, and mobile payments. Danny Marti, Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator within the Executive Office of the President, closed the conference with a keynote speech highlighting the U.S. Government's enforcement efforts related to IP theft and misappropriation.


As incoming Secretary of the LES High-Tech Sector (HTS), Efrat addressed HTS members on activities and developments for the upcoming year. She also passed on her responsibilities as Chair of the Internet-of-Things Committee and welcomed new members to the group.


To get involved with the High Tech Sector, please visit the HTS page at
New Startup Programs: NewStartupPrograms


We have expanded our startup services to offer an easier entry point for our first-time clients who wish to engage with startup advisory services . We are excited to announce two new programs, specifically tailored to the early stage startup:
  • Introductory Consulting Session, which is used as a point of assessment of your startup's readiness for funding, while addressing areas of strengths and weaknesses. We utilize our proprietary startup survey and ranking system, which you read about earlier in the Podcast section of this newsletter. The article can be found again here.
  • Advanced SaaS Modeling Classes, a hands on training for those of you who want to build a comprehensive financial model for a Software as a Service (SaaS) company, including a SaaS metrics dashboard and 5 year financial projections.
Contact us for more information about are startup services.