August  23, 2017
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Dear Friends,
We hope you are all enjoying some vacation time this summer! I had the opportunity to go on a safari trip in Kenya this summer, which was an educational and spiritual trip on several levels. I have learned many things I didn't know about animals and people alike, which gave me a new perspective on innovation and resilience!

Below is a small sample of the many photos I snapped during my trip:

Fall brings with it another busy conference season.  This newsletter highlights some of our upcoming speaking events and conferences. We hope you can join us on September 15th at the UC Berkeley Inclusion in Entrepreneurship Summit  where I will be on a panel of experts on IP best practices for startups; and if you are not local to the Bay Area, I hope you can join our upcoming September 28th webinar on IP Due Diligence in M&A (hosted by The Knowledge Group). 
Finally, please mark your calendars for November 8 th , when Foresight will be co-hosting an IP event at the USPTO Silicon Valley office in San Jose! This is the one IP event you don't want to miss if you are in the Bay Area.
Wishing you a productive Fall, and looking forward to keeping in touch!

Warm Regards,


Foresight Valuation Group's  President and Stanford Lecturer, Efrat Kasznik, was once again selected for inclusion in the  IAM Strategy 300 list of leading world IP strategists, where she has been listed annually since 2013. The IAM Strategy 300  is universally acknowledged as a listing of leading IP professionals who, through their strategic advice, are generating wealth from intellectual property for their clients and organizations. This unique guide is published by IP business media platform IAM Magazine, based on research undertaken by a team based in London, Washington DC and Hong Kong.

Efrat commented on her inclusion:  "This is the highest professional honor in the IP community, and I am delighted to be part of such a prestigious group of colleagues. Being an IP strategist means that you help companies bring innovation to market. I cannot think of a more gratifying way to be spending my time."

Upcoming Events:UpcomingEvents

September 15, 2017 :

Inclusion in Entrepreneurship Summit in UC Berkeley, CA.  This is a day long summit, organized by the Office of IP & Industry Research Alliances (IPIRA), will be attended by hundreds of entrepreneurs, as well as representatives from government agencies, VCs, and law firms. Efrat will be speaking on the panel: "10 Things That Startups Should Know About IP," providing resources and best practices for protecting and managing intellectual property. 

IPIRA works with over 1,300 companies to support Berkeley's vast research enterprise, to translate research findings to the market through IP licensing, and to support entrepreneurship. IPIRA operates under a technology "pull and push" model through the Industry Alliances Office (IAO), which brings research funding to Cal from companies, and the Office of Technology Licensing (OTL), which obtains patents and licenses them to companies, including startups, for commercial development.   More about IPIRA at the September 15th event   in this article.

September 28, 2017

IP Due Diligence in M&A Transactions, w ebinar,  organized by The Knowledge Group. To protect buyers in merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions from potential liability arising from intellectual property issues, IP due diligence is a must. Practitioners often make unnecessary IP ownership assumptions because they often overlook key transaction structure and drafting considerations. 

In this LIVE Webcast, Efrat will be joining a panel of experts to provide an in-depth discussion of IP Due Diligence in M&A Transactions and best practices during any corporate transaction.

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Insights 2017 :

Innography hosted its annual conference in Austin, Texas this year from April 24th - April 26th (Innography Insights 2017) Efrat moderated an expert panel discussing best practices and strategic considerations for creating and leveraging strong IP positions for both market entrants and incumbents looking to gain or control freedom to operate (FTO) in a new market.

Nest Labs and Facebook are two famous examples of market entrants who were the target of patent infringement lawsuits filed by older incumbents (Honeywell and Yahoo, respectively). Market entrants are not always startups; they can be larger companies entering new markets, as has been the case with Google entering the mobile market. The panelists shared their insights on creating the right IP portfolio, buying/licensing patents for FTO in the new market, industry specific considerations, and the role of M&A as a mechanism to enter new markets.  Click the video link below for the full recording of the panel: