February 3, 2014
Get More Sleep 

If it seems that every advice column and leadership book suggests that you get more sleep, perhaps it's because increasingly good science demonstrates the importance of sleep to brain health. A recent study shows that during sleep genes are activated that grow and repair myelin sheaths, the insulating covers of neurons. Myelin sheaths allow signals between neurons to travel quickly and efficiently. So, insufficient sleep is not just a day-to-day problem, leaving you fatigued and groggy at work the next day. In the long-term, chronic sleep deprivation could lead to decreased cognitive functioning.


Maybe it's time to move sleep up on your priority list?


Bellesi, M., Pfister-Genskow, M., Maret, S., Keles, S., Tononi, G., & Cirelli, C. (September 04, 2013). Effects of Sleep and Wake on Oligodendrocytes and Their Precursors. Journal of Neuroscience, 33, 36, 14288-14300. 


Workshop: Revitalize with the Brain in Mind     


Are you and your employees suffering from work-related stress? Stressful social interactions at work trigger the brain's natural fear and survival responses and can decrease our ability to solve problems, make decisions, and collaborate with each other.


Co-taught by Foresight founder, Dr. Paula Thompson, and collaborator Dr. Sharon Liu, this workshop demonstrates how the latest trends from neuroscience and positive psychology provide a guide for leaders to revitalize themselves, their staff members, and the organization as a whole. 


To learn more about this workshop, e-mail Paula.

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