October 18, 2020
~ Building Brockton Community One Positive Story at a Time
Your BuzzAround supports the dignity of all human beings, is actively anti-racist, and supportive of good law enforcement policies.
Brockton Mutual Aid Facebook Group.
A place where help and solutions can be found:
This Mutual Aid group is a place for Brockton folks to identify community needs and develop community solutions to respond to those needs, particularly in this urgent time of pandemic.
*Please use this group to lift up both needs and solutions. We will be prioritizing actions and ideas which foster long-term relationships.* Created by Brockton Interfaith Community (BIC) to invite you to be in relationship with your neighbors. Here is what they say:
"We in BIC have been talking about being this kind of a community for some time now. We have worked hard to build the kind of community that sees every person as an integral part of the success of the whole. This is our time to demonstrate that there is more than enough if we go from thinking about our resources as 'mine,' and move our minds to say 'ours.' We can change the world, if we first live into who we truly are. We are good. We are love. We are who we have been waiting for.
Brockton Interfaith Community (BIC) is a multi-faith, multi-ethnic non-profit organization from the greater Brockton area which was founded in 1990. BIC’s mission is to work collaboratively on issues chosen together to promote racial and economic justice through prophetic, faith-rooted community organizing.
For more information, log on to BIC’s website here: www.facebook.com/BrocktonInterfaithCommunity/

Historical Tidbit:
The City of Champions

Brockton is the "City of Champions". The sport of boxing had a strong foundation here and we launched two world renown professional boxers. Rocky Marciano and Marvelous Marvin Hagler.

Rocky Marciano was born in Brockton, MA. He is the only professional boxer to exit his career undefeated. Rocky competed from 1947 to 1955.

There is an exhibit at the Brockton Historical Society dedicated to Rocky Marciano. The Exhibit includes the gloves and shoes Rocky was wearing when he defeated Jersey Joe Walcott the reigning heavyweight champion before him. He earned his present title at the end of that fight.

Marvelous Marvin Hagler was born in Newark, New Jersey, but after the Newark Riots caused the destruction of the Hagler's tenement his family moved to Brockton. Marvelous Hagler has the second longest reign of being a undisputed middleweight champion behind only Tony Zale (whose career had several years of inactivity). His reign was from 1980 to 1987.
Author: Gregory Venezia
Information & photo

BuzzAround Internships Opportunities In

Buildings Remain Closed to the Public
City Hall
45 School St

Check the city website for important updates

Brockton Public Library
Main Library - 304 Main St. 508-580-7890
East Branch - 54 Kingman St. 508-580-7892
West Branch - 540 Forest Ave. 508-580-7894

Council on Aging 
 10 Father Kenney Way 508-580-7811
Email coa@cobma.us & phone contact only

There are 13 food pantries in Brockton.
Michaelle Frost
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Zoom Luncheon

The Metro South Chamber of Commerce cordially invites members of the business community, candidates for public office, and state, federal and local elected officials to gather on
Tuesday, October 20th for the Special Zoom Luncheon with Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development, Rosalin Acosta.
The reception will be held virtually via Zoom Pro from 12:15 - 1:30p. The reception is sponsored by Stonehill College, Sharon Crescent United & UMass Boston.
BPS Tutoring Services - Brockton Public Schools

BPS Tutoring Services - Brockton Public Schools

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State Election - Tuesday, November 3rd
2020 Presidential Election
Pick one of the 3 ways to vote:

1)In Person:

Return your completed application to:
45 School Street, Brockton 02301.
If you have already requested Vote By Mail - track your ballot here.

3) In Person Early Voting
Saturday, October 17th - Friday, October 30th
Location: Payless Shoe Store, 200 Westgate Dr
  • Saturday/Sunday 12:00p - 6:00p
  • Monday/Tuesday 8:30p - 4:30p
  • Wednesday 8:30p - 7:00p
  • Thursday 8:30a - 6:00p
  • Friday 8:30p - 4:30p

Deadlines: The deadline to request absentee/vote by mail ballots for the Presidential Election is Friday, October 28th at 5:00p.

Last day to register to vote or update registration for the State Election is Saturday, October 24th. Register to Vote at your Town Clerk's office or register to vote online.


Beginning on October 17th and ending with a live stream virtual celebration on Oct 31st.


Get involved by sponsoring and / or walk with us. When you walk create a video and share it!
For more information call or email Linda Siegel at 508-584-2809 or linda.siegel@fcr-ma.org.
Open Lab Night
We are happy to announce that CASE will host Open Lab Night this year!!  It's so big we'll make it last the whole week! The goal is to engage the community in hands-on STEM learning. This virtual Open Lab Week will take place during Massachusetts STEM week, October 19-23. 

Descriptions of activities are posted on our website: BSU Open Lab Night and can be found using the dropdown menu.  Links to the activity pages (with instructions, pictures, etc.) will be posted by Friday, October 16. 

Registration is required:  Register here.  
Please register NOW to reserve your kit.  Only one kit will be provided per family.  Instructions for pickup of supplies will be provided after registration.
Any questions please call: 508-531-2575.
The 2020 Book for Business & COVID-19 Recovery Resource Guide 
Easy & Accessible with great resources!

  • Area Dining
  • COVID-19 Recovery Resources
  • Business Development Resources

Metro South Chamber of Commerce Works For YOU!
Altrusa International
Sweater/sweatshirt Drive
Saturday, October 24 for Make a Difference Day.

Drop off your gently used sweater & sweatshirts for the homeless.
Brockton Public Library parking lot 12-2pm
304 Main Street
Massasoit Pollinator Garden

Photo credit: Ken Reale
Grant App- Ma Cultural Council Deadline change to Nov 16!

From Artist News to Creative Youth, Community Initiative, and Power of Culture, our email lists are a great way to keep up with the work of Mass Cultural Council and its partners across the Commonwealth. Recent events have fomented a growing...

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  • Covid-19 Guidelines
Met & Exceeded
  • In-Person and Live Streamed Classes Available
  • Ask About Private Study Options

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To Celebrate Plymouth 400:
"Our Story 400 years of Wampanoag" above video and to the right: an invite to participate in a free Indigenous History Conference virtually.
Free BSU Indigenous History Conference

A Plymouth 400 Signature Event: Here It Began: 2020 Hindsight or Foresight , a signature Plymouth 400 event, is an Indigenous History: Nine Virtual Sessions Oct. 3-Nov. 22, 2020...

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Mom Juliette Leger and Chief Gomes meeting for the
first time outside of Brockton Hospital early
Thursday evening (October 8, 2020).

"I thank God, and I thank the Chief cause
I don't know what I would have done if I
didn't have my daughter.” ~ Juliette Leger
After hearing a mother's urgent plea for help at 9 AM Thursday (October 8, 2020)
DISPATCHER: "911, this line is recorded, where is your emergency?"
CALLER: "...Circle in Brockton; my baby is choking!"
The Emergency Telephone Dispatcher transferred the medical call to Fire Dispatch while at the same time dispatching several police cruisers to the location.
Police Officer Danny Vaughn and Chief of Police Manny Gomes arrived first.
The baby's grandmother quickly handed three-month-old Audrey to Chief Gomes, whose heart was racing due to the adrenaline rush caused by the nature of the call.
“When the grandmother handed me the child, the baby was unresponsive,” said Gomes, who immediately fell back on his training.
“You drape the child in your arms face down. And you give light blows in between the shoulder blades," explained Gomes, who then noticed little Audrey gasping for air.
The chief used his finger to clear out the rest of the phlegm that obstructed her airways.
“There were tense moments. I'm so thrilled that we have a happy ending, and the parents and Grandmother are enjoying their precious little girl," said a relieved Gomes.
“I don’t know about any more urgent call than that. These are the moments you’ll never forget.”
Audrey’s mother, Juliette Leger, won't forget this day either. "I'm so thankful that I still have my baby girl. I could've been leaving this hospital without her, so I'm just very grateful.
Juliette was still on the phone with dispatch when police provided life-saving measures to young Audrey.
She didn’t realize it was the Brockton Police Chief who came to the rescue until she was riding with her infant in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.
Story and Photo Credits: Brockton Police Facebook Page


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"Forest Bathing" Now, I am a huge fan of trees and the woods, so it didn't surprise me that walking on a wooded path, surrounding yourself : "can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and anger; strengthen the immune system; improve cardiovascular and metabolic health; and boost overall well-being" according to Dr. Qing Li. This is especially important since we spend so much time inside and on our digital devices.
In Time Magazine, Dr. Li describes connecting with the forest: "The key to unlocking the power of the forest is in the five senses. Let nature enter through your ears, eyes, nose, mouth, hands and feet. Listen to the birds singing and the breeze rustling in the leaves of the trees. Look at the different greens of the trees and the sunlight filtering through the branches. Smell the fragrance of the forest and breathe in the natural aromatherapy of phytoncides. Taste the freshness of the air as you take deep breaths. Place your hands on the trunk of a tree. Dip your fingers or toes in a stream. Lie on the ground. Drink in the flavor of the forest and release your sense of joy and calm. This is your sixth sense, a state of mind. Now you have connected with nature."

And now that Autumn is here, we have the opportunity to enjoy the colors! Oh the colors! Walking a wooded path now in New England is to be immersed in the beauty and splendor of diversity. Each leaf, no longer separated in subtle greens, jump out in reds, yellows and oranges. Miraculous!
Enjoy your week, all. And for your self- care this week, try a forest bath. ~ Jacquie
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