On Jan. 13 and 14 CVS Health returned to provide the COVID-19 vaccine to employees, nursing home and assisted living residents. We were very pleased with how well everything went.

New York State has recently approved the vaccine for people ages 65+, but the state is not offering onsite vaccination clinics at this time. We are working on finding a way to offer the vaccine onsite, but in the meantime, if your loved one is interested in receiving the vaccine, it may be helpful to get them on a waiting list to receive the vaccine from an outside pharmacy. We encourage you to visit the following website, which will provide more information on eligibility and a list of places you can call to be placed on a waiting list until the vaccine is available to your loved one:

If you'd like assistance filling out the form, we'd be happy to help - you can contact us at [email protected] or [email protected].

Interested in learning more about the vaccine? below are a few informational resources. We encourage you to talk with your physician.