Residents on campus are all buzzing as they gear up for this year’s election. We’ve printed out practice ballots so everyone can be up to speed on all the candidates this year, as they prepare to submit their absentee ballots.

Pictured above is Mary, proudly displaying her practice ballot prior to filling it out. Fun fact – Mary was born just five years after women were given the right to vote. In 1944 she was able to cast her first presidential vote, which turned out to be for that year’s victor – Franklin Delano Roosevelt! She beamed with pride while sharing this anecdote with others. We love hearing stories from our residents!

Visitation Updates
Our visitation policy remains the same. One family member is to be identified on a list at the front desk as the one person who can visit each tenant. Be sure the enter the facility through the main entrance on 2700 N. Forest Road.

Reminders for caregivers:

  • ALL caregivers must first stop at the front desk to be screened daily.
  • Please keep your sticker visible at all times.
  • Please notify Holly or Amy if there is a new caregiver added. We currently have a list at the front desk that needs to be updated daily to ensure smooth entry into the building.
  • Drop-offs can be made to the front desk – we deliver items all throughout the day!
  • Instacart orders should use the 2700 N. Forest Road address and must include the resident’s full name and apartment number. This will ensure that deliveries are smooth and efficient.

Please remember that the pandemic is still among us and we will not let our guard down. Our staff continues to work diligently to protect the residents and everyone in our Forest Creek community.

Remember to visit our landing page for families for all COVID-19 updates.

To date, all residents have been offered flu shots. If your loved one still needs a flu shot, please contact Amy Hashemi at (716) 639-3311 ext. 2471.
If you have questions, please feel free to reach out. We're looking forward to seeing you soon!.