Industry Insider Newsletter
November 2020
COVID triggers supply chain analysis
As market disruptions unraveled supply chains in many sectors due to the COVID pandemic, the N.B department of labor tapped forest sector stakeholders to examine how the industry could be made more resilient to potential long term effects of a continued pandemic.

In response, a labor force adjustment committee determined that examining sector productivity especially in the forestry and logging segment could reveal opportunities to boost productivity and improve competitiveness.

The study, conducted by PricewaterhouseCooper, is in the data collection stage assisted by broad participation by wood producers and land managers.

A recent McKinsey and Company report states that even a 5% productivity improvement can translate into 10-20% cost reductions on harvesting and transport.

A report is expected January 2021.
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Register Now to the 2020 JDI Roundtable Forum on Manufacturing Competitiveness

In light of the pandemic, the second annual JDI Roundtable on Manufacturing Competitiveness in New Brunswick Forum will be a series of interactive webinars. Our goals remain the same: to share the latest research and to engage decision makers, manufacturing leaders and other key stakeholders in finding actions to improve the competitiveness of New Brunswick manufacturers

You can now register for the first two webinars:

Educating the Educators
on Working Forests
Students from 2nd Year ICE Program from NBCC
Life and Work Collaborators from the NB School District
Students from the NBCC ICE program also visited forestry operations. The group learned about hardwood management with Gaetan Pelletier from the Northern Hardwood Research Institute (NHRI) and professional foresters from AV Group. NHRI provided a working app that woodlot owners and foresters might use in forest management. The app is called NHRI tools, it works by asking you a series of questions and giving you prescription for the forests. Please share this great tool to any woodlot owner.
Over 20 life and work collaborators, from francophone school districts, went on a forestry tour with Fornebu, Chaleur Sawmill and Forest NB to learn about forest management, different job opportunities and required education. Life and work collaborators are mandated to help students discover different work sectors and set up internships. This is a new program offered by the French and English school districts. The group was very receptive to the shared information. Forest NB also created a map of all the mills with contacts to assist with experiential learning opportunities in New Brunswick.