Industry Insider Newsletter
January 2021
Biomass Solutions

Groupe Savoie and Compact Appliances have teamed up to create Biomass Solutions Biomasse, a company that is charting new frontiers in North America and delivering environmental, social and economic benefits for their customers and local communities. BSB replaces fossil fuels with biomass heating solutions for buildings throughout Eastern Canada including government, institutional, commercial, industrial, greenhouses, churches, poultry farms and other structures.

One of the prime motivators for the project was the Kyoto Protocol at the time and everyone was talking about carbon taxes and taxes on oil of upwards to $20.00 per tonne,” says Serge Mallet, a Fourth Class Power Engineer who led the installation at the campus and today oversees its day-to-day management.

Chaleur Rebrands in 2021

Chaleur Sawmill and Fornebu Lumber have fused their operations in the last couple of months to become Chaleur Forest Products. The businesses have merged to facilitate operations along with management of employees. The new brand also seeks to improve public recognition on what it does and the core values it represents : safety, improvement, sustainability, respect and quality.

The merged company currently has operations in Belledune, Bathurst and Miramichi and employs about 360 people year-round but at its peak season, an extra 325 people which totals 685 people. Chaleur Forest Products aims to improve productivity in its three locations by exchanging its new shared resources and expertise in the new year. The company estimates 50 new jobs will be created this year.
Movers and Shakers
On the move last month - Mike Soucy of Twin Rivers Paper assumed the role of general manager for Twin's Plaster Rock Sawmill operation. Soucy replaces Guy St Amand who accepted the manager role at the JDI Kedgwick Sawmill. Soucy previously was maintenance manager at the Edmundston pulp mill. Kevin Larlee recently accepted the position of Director Sales, Wood Procurement with J.D. Irving Limited. Conway Elkins has assumed responsibilities for overseeing the wood procurement functions at AV Group.

by Derek Nighbor, President and CEO of FPAC

New Forestry Reports Released

Natural Resources Canada and NB Dept. Natural Resources and Energy Development have come out with new year end reports.

DNR's annual report for year end 2019-2020 shows positive achievements with regard to timber utilization goals and a forestry GDP increase of 6.7% compared to year previous.