Industry Insider Newsletter
November 2020
Softwood Tariffs See Significant Reduction

The U.S. Department of Commerce (USDOC) released their first administrative revue (AR1) on November 24th resulting in the reduction of the combined all-other’s Countervailing and Antidumping duty rates from 20.23% to 8.99%.  The New Brunswick Lumber Producers (NBLP) group commented that this is a significant improvement over the current duty rates, but believe the historic Maritime Provinces exclusion from U.S. lumber duties should be reinstated citing the provinces fair and free market stumpage system as justification for the exemption of the New Brunswick industry. The U.S. softwood lumber producers have indicated they will appeal the decision with the new rates expected to be in effect December 1st. Over $175 million in tariffs from New Brunswick alone are on deposit currently with the USDOC.

Shipping News

The industry insider reached out recently to logistics folks at several NB mills to get sense of how freight has been moving. Trucking has been steady and reliable with exception of brief availability issue of tandem trailers reported back in October. Rail car availability has been spotty with some shippers choosing to truck to Montreal to access more reliable rail schedules there. CN Rail issued their 2020-2021 Winter Plan citing commercial conditions such as a spike in grain deliveries and sector specific trade tariff barriers such as softwood lumber tariffs as some possible drivers impacting service over the winter months in addition to usual weather constraints. On the marine front the Port of Halifax reports return to more normal volumes in wake of the resolved strike at the Port of Montreal earlier this fall. The Port is still lamenting the loss of 250,000 tons/yr of freight from the closure of Northern Pulp in the fall but reporting steady traffic otherwise.
New Tool to Nominate Conservation Areas ;
10% Conservation Target
 The provincial government has launched the New Brunswick Nature Legacy Information Hub where residents can nominate specific areas for protection and share information on areas under consideration to be protected.

The Government of New Brunswick is leading a collaborative initiative, working with Indigenous partners, conservation groups, stakeholders and the public, to double the amount of protected land in New Brunswick and achieve a target of 10% protection. Approximately 4.6% of land is currently under conservation. As stated by Forest NB following DNR Minister Holland's announced doubling of protected areas in October of 2019, the forest industry supports new purposeful conservation objectives that consider and accommodate future sector growth.

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Speaker: Drew Carleton,
Natural Resources and Energy Development
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forest pests in New Brunswick.