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Japanese Demand Could Usher in new Wave of Development for US South Pellet Manufacturers

By Seth Walker
Over the last decade, European utilities have learned that displacing coal with sustainable wood pellets is one of the most efficient means of meeting renewable energy and carbon emissions reduction targets, leading to significant demand growth in global wood pellet markets. Now, their counterparts in Asia are learning the same thing.

EPA Chief Advocates for Wood Energy, Forest Stewardship on NH Trip

By John Greene
During a recent trip to New Hampshire, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Scott Pruitt indicated that new plans for federal energy policies could support the regional forest products industry by classifying biomass as a carbon-neutral feedstock and including it in the energy portfolio.

Wood Pellets
Biomass Installed Capacity More Than Doubled in 2017

By John Greene
Fresh data from the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) shows that biomass power projects (new generation in-service/new build and expansion) more than doubled in 2017. Per a new report, the US installed 268 MW of biomass power capacity last year via 26 units compared to 110 MW of biomass capacity that was added in 2016 via 57 units.

Drax to Convert Fourth Biomass Unit in 2018

By John Greene
With the United Kingdom’s (UK) possible departure from the EU—as the country wades through the red tape associated with the Brexit vote—the future of biomass is uncertain. However, Drax Group Plc, who owns the UK’s largest biomass-fired power station (which has three existing biomass-converted units), sees enough regulatory certainty with biomass feedstock on the horizon to prompt its expanded use. The company recently announced that it is moving ahead with plans to convert a fourth power unit from coal to biomass in the second half of 2018.

Wood Chips and Conveyor
Wood Chips
Beyond Feedstock: The Importance of Securing Reliable Access to Wood Fuel

By John Greene
Discussions regarding feedstock require a lot of attention at the start of any bioenergy, biofuels or biochemical project. Considering feedstock costs are the largest variable cost component across the life of a project, a thorough analysis is a vital first step. In addition to feedstock cost and supply, a project positioned for success must also pay close attention to wood fuel as a resource.
New EU Proposal Would Increase Role of Renewables

By John Greene
In response to the 2016 Paris climate agreement, European Union (EU) national governments agreed to cut greenhouse-gas emissions by at least 40% by 2030 (relative to 1990 levels). While that target remains in place, member states recently voted to ensure that by 2030, 27% of all energy production (and half of electricity generation) should come from renewable resources—wind, solar and biomass—but not nuclear technology.

An Honest Conversation: California Must Reevaluate Forest Management Practices

By John Greene
America’s highly fractious political divide has come to influence nearly every conceivable discussion under the sun. Even topics that everyone generally agrees upon—such as addressing the catastrophic wildfires that affected the Western US and Canada last summer—are not safe from controversy, and the discussion inevitably devolves into finger pointing.