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How concerned are you that Coronavirus will impact your business in 2020?

How the Forest Industry Survives Down Markets, COVID-19 Crisis

By Pete Stewart
Just two months ago, Americans watched cautiously from a distance as the COVID-19 contagion caused a nearly unimaginable scenario by upending China’s entire economy and social structure. It seemed like a situation right out of a dystopian movie set; something both fantastical and horrifying at the same time.

Funding for the Forest Industry: SBA Paycheck Protection Program

By Eric Kingsley
Title 1 of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act is the Keeping American Workers Paid and Employed Act, which provides relief for small businesses and their employees who are affected by the outbreak of COVID-19.

Are We Really Running Out of Toilet Paper in the COVID Crisis?

By Bruce Janda
Only recently have PNW log prices found some sense of equilibrium in the wake of the crash in 2018. The latest round of sawmill closures, mostly in British Columbia (BC), and continually improving housing demand in the US are working to keep lumber supplies quite tight in western North America.

IndustryEdge Moving to SilvaStat360, Forest2Market's Platform

By Forest2Market
Forest2Market and IndustryEdge announce a partnership formed to bring IndustryEdge’s Australian wood market commentary, analysis and data to SilvaStat360, Forest2Market's online business intelligence platform.

North American Lumber Market: Adjusting to Uncertainty

By John Greene
Here’s a glimpse of what’s happening across the North American softwood lumber market courtesy of Madison’s Lumber Reporter and Forest2Market data:

Forest Utilization Drives Both Economic & Environmental Returns

By Stan Parton
As stated in my most recent blog post, the debate in Washington has progressed from whether policies should be put in place to combat climate change to what policies should be put in place. But we have learned to temper our expectations from Washington. To wit, Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.), who happens to be the chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, apparently doesn’t like the idea of planting more trees.

Foreign Pulp & Paper Investors Are Flocking to North America

By Patricia Marques
Foreign ownership of North American pulp and paper mills has more than doubled since 2007. While the biggest share in ownership in 2007 was held by Swedish and South African parent companies, today Indonesia is the largest investor in North America, followed by Sweden.

Sustainability Trends: What’s Driving the Anti-Plastics Movement?

By Nancy Hasson
The sight of massive islands of plastic waste floating in the Pacific Ocean are just a small sample of unforgettable images that have heightened consumer awareness of the excessive plastic pollution both on land and sea.

February Housing Starts Hold Fast; Virus Fallout Looms

By John Greene
While US homebuilding showed signs of moderating in early February, the final numbers weren’t bad… all things considered.

US Forest Industry Performance: February 2020

By Joe Clark
Total industrial production (IP) declined 0.3 percent in January (-0.8 percent YoY), as unseasonably warm weather held down the output of utilities and as Boeing significantly slowed production of civilian aircraft. The index for manufacturing edged down 0.1 percent in January; however, excluding the production of aircraft and parts, factory output advanced 0.3 percent. The index for mining rose 1.2 percent.