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How Much Money is an Acre of Timber Worth?

By Jay Engle
Before we can determine how much an acre of timber is worth, we first need to understand the law of supply and demand ultimately drives the price of timber. Demand is heavily influenced by location, surrounding mill types, proximity to those mills, and the volume and type of timber products consumed in a given area.

UPDATE: Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Break Previous Record

By John Greene
Over the last three weeks, prices for southern yellow pine lumber have pushed past the all-time highs of mid-2018. Now, 15 weeks after bottoming during the peak of the pandemic, SYP lumber prices have soared an astounding 75% and have broken the previous record achieved during 2018.

Pulpwood and Wood Fuel Prices in the US South

By Joe Clark
The 5-year delivered price trends for pulpwood and wood fuel in the US South have demonstrated a considerable amount of volatility. Despite these periods of instability, however, all three products have trended lower since 2015.

Economic Trends in the Northeast Forest Industry

By Eric Kingsley
Biomass, pulpwood and sawlogs make up almost all of the wood harvested in the Northeast. Each is important to the sustainability of the region’s forest industry, but due to the current state of the economy are facing a handful of economic challenges as well as a few opportunities.

How Much Energy is Produced Using Wood? A Forester’s Perspective

By Jay Engle
Last year, wood energy production in the US was over 2.4 quadrillion BTUs derived from roughly 200 million tons of wood. While the pellet exports are visible, they are a small but growing component of wood energy production.

Global Shipping Companies End Recovered Paper Exports to China

By Tim Woods
Recovered paper shipments to China could cease before the end of 2020, with global shipping companies now rejecting shipments for delivery after the end of September. The second and fifth largest global shipping conglomerates (Mediterranean Shipping Company [MSC] and Hapag Lloyd) have announced separately that they will cease shipping recovered paper to China before the end of 2020.

From Whiskey to Pizza: Forest Products Sustainability Projects Making Headlines

By Forest2Market
The push for a more sustainable planet continues to drive innovations in nearly every business sector across the globe, and the forest industry is helping to lead the way. We wanted to share a few of the most exciting developments in this monthly roundup of sustainability projects that are making headlines.

US Forest Industry, Manufacturing Rebound in June

By Joe Clark
Reflecting the view that “manufacturing is starting to rebound, but full recovery is a long way off,” total industrial production (IP) increased 1.4 percent in May (-15.3 percent YoY), as many factories resumed at least partial operations following virus-related shutdowns. Even so, total IP in May was 15.4 percent below its pre-pandemic level in February.

June Housing Starts Rally 17%

By John Greene
There is certainly no shortage of uncertainty in the world but, amid stabilizing economic news, US housing starts for June provide some indication that things are beginning to settle.