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Finished softwood lumber prices reached new highs in 2020. Will prices remain high in 2021?

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As we near the end of a tumultuous 2020, what forest industry sector has the most upside potential in 2021?

Lumber Market 2020 Year in Review: What’s Next?

By Pete Stewart
In the forest products industry specifically, the run on tissue and towel products caught the supply chain off guard in April, and TP shortages became front-page news. But this year’s peculiarity is perhaps best represented by the meteoric rise in softwood lumber prices to all-time highs (by huge margins) against all odds.

Forest2Market’s Top 7 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2020

By Forest2Market
The global forest products industry has undergone some significant changes this year – some expected, some unexpected – but the industry as a whole has emerged from a tumultuous year in a relatively strong position. In light of these changes, we wanted to take an opportunity to look back and see which topics resonated the most with visitors to Forest2Market’s MarketWatch blog in 2020.

2020's Impact on the PNW Forest Sector

By Gordon Culberston
Like other regions in the US, the forest products industry in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) has remained surprisingly robust since the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns that began in March. As we approach the end of a tumultuous year, which has also been marked by devastating wildfires in the PNW, there is guarded optimism going into 2021.

Southern Timber Prices Jumped Nearly 10% in 3Q2020

By Mike Powell
After predictably losing ground during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2Q2020, the southern timber market bounced back in 3Q led by strong demand for pine products across the board. Demand for hardwood products tanked, however, as prices dipped significantly to some of the lowest points in recent years.

More R&D Activities Open Up Lignin’s Feedstock Potential

By Doris de Guzman
Lignin is expected to play a significant role as a new chemical feedstock particularly in the formation of supramolecular materials and aromatic chemicals. Lignin is a complex plant-derived macromolecule found in the cell walls of almost all dry plants. It makes up 20-30% of the composition of wood.

Are Developments in Specialty Papers Providing Unexpected Opportunities?

By Pirita Huotari
While there have been some adverse consequences within the industry due to COVID-19, including the accelerated decline of the printing and writing papers segment, some specialty paper grades have actually experienced favorable growth. The global reaction to the virus has helped boost already existing trends in e-commerce, sustainability, and products that embody the circular economy.

Australia Supplied Just 11% of China’s Softwood Logs in September Quarter

By Tim Woods
Recent trade developments have seen logs from some Australian states be banned from import to China. Despite being very significant for Australia, considered from the perspective of mainland China’s total imports, the Australian supply is not as compelling as some may think. In the September quarter, Australia’s softwood logs accounted for just 11.3% of China’s total imports.

Forest Industry Sustainability Initiatives Making Headlines in December

By Forest2Market
The push for a more sustainable planet continues to drive innovations in nearly every business sector across the globe, and the forest industry is helping to lead the way. We wanted to share a few of the most exciting developments in this monthly roundup of forest industry sustainability projects that are making headlines as we close out 2020.

New Residential Construction Still Growing, But Pace is Slowing

By John Greene
US housing starts rose more than initially forecast to a nine-month high in November, highlighting the strength of a housing market that’s being led by gains in single-family residential construction. Single-family starts have now increased for seven straight months as housing remains hot due to pent-up demand and historically low mortgage rates.

US Forest Industry, Manufacturing Finish the Year Strong

By Joe Clark
Total industrial production (IP) rose 1.1 percent in October (-5.3 percent YoY). The index has recovered much of its 16.5 percent February-to-April decline, but output in October was still 5.6 percent lower than its pre-pandemic February level.