Forest2Market Monthly News: Part 1

Forest2Market recently released SilvaStat360 for our North American subscription products (FOB Delivered Price Benchmarks, Stumpage), and we are assessing the use of the platform among readers of our newsletter.

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Forest2Market Produces Forecast for South Arkansas and North Louisiana Timber Market

By Suz-Anne Kinney
The South Arkansas and North Louisiana timber market has traditionally been driven by sawlog production. Before the 2008 recession, timberland investors could always rely on the region’s quality forests to produce sawtimber for a growing market. This is no longer the case.

SilvaStat360 Highlights & Video Demonstrations for the US South

By Forest2Market
Forest2Market has put together a series of demonstration videos to help you get the most out of our new business intelligence platform, SilvaStat360. For the first part of November, we're taking a closer look at solutions unique to the US South.

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Remain High in October

By John Greene
As we noted last month, three significant factors recently converged to drive southern yellow pine lumber prices higher: western US wildfires, hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and a delayed decision from the US Department of Commerce regarding duties on Canadian softwood lumber. After spiking to nearly $420/mbf in early October, prices have receded but still remain high as we approach the end of warmer weather and peak building season.

US Forest Industry Performance: September 2017

By Joe Clark
Total industrial production (IP) declined 0.9 percent MoM in August (+1.5 percent YoY) following six consecutive monthly gains. The Federal Reserve estimates that Hurricane Harvey accentuated the decline in total output by roughly 0.75 PP (i.e. without Harvey, total IP would have slid by only 0.15 percent.) 

US Housing Starts Drop to One-Year Low in September

By John Greene
Per the most recent data from the US Census Bureau, US housing starts dropped to a one-year low in September as the two storms interrupted construction in the South. Homebuilding plummeted more than 9 percent in the South—which accounts for nearly half of the nation’s homebuilding—to the lowest level since October 2015. Single-family starts in the region dropped more than 15 percent to more than a one-year low. 

Forest2Market’s Most Recent March on Congress

By Hannah Jefferies
On October 5, several of my colleagues and I traveled to Washington DC to participate in the Forest Resources Association’s Fall Board Meeting and Fly-In. The three-day event included committee and board meetings, networking receptions, guest speakers and—perhaps most importantly—FRA’s “Fly-In.”