Forest2Market Monthly News: Part II

If you are a timberland owner, what is your primary motivation in maintaining your land?

Timber Harvesting
Environmental/Wildlife Improvement
US South Timber Prices (Except Sawtimber) Rise in 3Q2017

By Gabe Rogers
US South timber prices during the third quarter of 2017 increased from the second quarter, with nearly all pulpwood and pine log products going up by more than +2 percent.

SilvaStat360 Highlights & Video Demonstrations for Eastern & Western North America

By Forest2Market
Forest2Market has put together a series of demonstration videos to help you get the most out of our new business intelligence platform, SilvaStat360. For the second part of November, we're taking a closer look at solutions unique to the Western and Eastern regions of the US and Canada.

Update: Northeast and Appalachian Hardwood Log and Lumber Exports

By Hannah Jefferies
In a blog post we published at the beginning of 2017, we analyzed hardwood logs and lumber exported from the Northeast US and, in particular, the four important Appalachian hardwood states of New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia (with data through 3Q2016). The following update includes data through 3Q2017 and provides a sense of the changes, trends and direction of the market that are evident in the data.

Settlement Talks Fail, US Finalizes Decision on Canadian Softwood Lumber Duties

By John Greene
After delaying its decision on the matter in early September, the U.S. Commerce Department announced last week the final duties to be imposed on imports of Canadian softwood lumber. Given the long history of contentious lumber-trade relations between the two countries, Canadian representatives unsurprisingly said they would appeal the decision.

Australia’s Forest Products Industry Continues to Grow in 2017

By John Greene
Per a new report from Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES), the Australian forestry sector continued to grow in 2016 - YTD2017 despite a softening of domestic demand driven primarily by lower housing starts. Preliminary estimates indicate that the volume and value of logs harvested reached record levels, and the value of wood products exports reached a record $3.4 billion. Strong international demand conditions helped to boost Australia’s forestry sector performance over recent years, and China’s continued importance as a key trading partner was evident; the value of wood products exports to China reached a record $1.6 billion, or 47 percent of total wood products exports.

Apple Promotes Awareness, Initiatives for Global Working Forests

By John Greene
Public conversations about forestry can oftentimes be contentious, emotionally-charged mudslinging matches that result in neither changed hearts nor wiser minds. But when top-tier global brands embrace sustainable forestry practices and promote working forests, it paves the way for more civil discussions about developing innovative products while protecting the planet’s natural resources.