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Lumber prices have reached record levels. Have prices peaked or will they trend higher in the coming weeks?
Why are Lumber Prices at Record Highs?

By Pete Stewart
After three consecutive record-breaking weeks, southern yellow pine (SYP) lumber prices once again pressed on to set a new record—by a big margin. In mid-August, Forest2Market’s SYP lumber price composite showed prices jumped $106 in just one week.

How Does a Soaring Lumber Market Impact Timber Prices?

By Joe Clark
While there is some interplay between log prices and the price of wood products, the association is not a firm one. There are a number of mutual factors that affect both lumber and log prices, but each market also has independent drivers that do not overlap, which is why we oftentimes see a disconnect in prices.

US Forest Industry, Manufacturing Sector Gained Ground in July

By Joe Clark
Total industrial production (IP) rose 5.4 percent in June (-10.8 percent YoY), the largest MoM gain since December 1959; even so, it remained 10.9 percent below February’s pre-pandemic level. For 2Q as a whole, IP fell at an annualized rate of 42.6 percent, its largest quarterly decrease since the downturn when WWII ended.

How Much Timber Does the US Harvest, and How is it Used?

By Jay Engle
When it comes to the issue of managing America’s forests, environmental and economic concerns can often seem incompatible. Those unfamiliar with forestry and silviculture practices oftentimes approach this subject believing that there is either one advantage or the other, but not both.

How Has the Housing Market Rallied Despite Pandemic?

By John Greene
It may be a tad lopsided but housing starts are nevertheless charting a pretty convincing “V”-shaped recovery as they bounce back from the COVID-19 induced lows that began in March.

Australian Softwood Log Exports Surged in June

By Tim Woods
Australia’s softwood log exports exploded to a new monthly record in June, with total exports reaching a massive 590,689 cubic meters (m3), up more than 83% on the prior month. To underscore the magnitude of the monthly record, this is more than 27% or 110,000 m3 higher than for any prior month.

NZ Log Exports Crossed 2 Million M3 Threshold in June

By Tim Woods
New Zealand’s softwood log exports totaled 2.022 million cubic meters (m3) in June, crossing the 2.0 million m3 threshold for only the third month on record. Although short of the record 2.141 million m3 recorded in March 2019, the big lift in exports reverses a downwards trend, especially for shipments to China. The average export price declined to NZDFob158/m3, around USDFob102/m3.

Labor Market Snapshot & Related Developments Impacting US Forest Industry

By Forest2Market
he Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) establishment survey showed that non-farm employers added 1.763 million jobs in July (+2.0 million expected). Also, May and June employment changes were revised up by a combined 17,000.

AF&PA Highlights Remarkable Sustainability Progress of US Paper & Wood Products

By Fisher International
The American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) recently released its 2020 Sustainability Report, highlighting the paper and wood products industry’s sustainability efforts.