Forest2Market Monthly News: Part I
Lumber Composite for June & July: A Monthly Comparative Analysis

By Gabe Rogers
Forest2Market’s comprehensive lumber benchmark is designed specifically to help lumber manufacturers review recent historical prices and forecast upcoming lumber prices in order to make better operating decisions and improve profitability. This report is issued to customers every Thursday afternoon and is based on current transaction data, resulting in an extremely sophisticated and accurate market report.

Reliable Data: The Real Key to Resolving Budgeting Challenges

By Pete Coutu
Everyone familiar with forestry and timber harvesting understands the significance of the four seasons and the challenges posed by seasonality. Sometimes, though, a fifth season presents an entirely new set of challenges: budget season. Participants in the forestry and forest products industry begin implementing new budgets as soon as the current one is complete, but budget-planning season begins in August and picks up just after Labor Day.

New Hampshire Biomass Gets a Temporary Lifeline, But What’s Next?

By Eric Kingsley
Biomass markets in New England are having a tough time surviving. Low wholesale power prices, combined with flagging incentives for renewable biomass from states in Southern New England, have left biomass plants throughout the region struggling to continue operations.

The Relationship between Demand and Forest Productivity in the US South

By Hannah Jefferies
In this five-part series, we explore the results and seven key findings from Forest2Market’s  recently-published report on forests in the US South.

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Remain Flat in August

By John Greene
Despite a brief uptick during week 33, southern yellow pine lumber prices have remained relatively flat through the summer months and into late August. US housing data has mirrored SYP prices, as housing starts dropped 4.8 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) of 1,155,000 units in July; single-family starts were up 0.5 percent to 856,000 units and multi-family housing segment dropped 15.9 percent to a 299,000 unit-pace.
US Housing Starts Drop Unexpectedly in July

By John Greene
US housing starts dropped unexpectedly in July as new construction of single- and multi-family homes declined. The recent report from the US Census Bureau also showed a decline in building permits, which suggests that residential construction might continue its struggle after tightening in the second quarter. As the peak building season comes to a close, this latest data could temper expectations of a rebound in housing market activity in 3Q and 4Q2017.

US Forest Industry Performance: July 2017

By Joe Clark
Total industrial production (IP) rose 0.4 percent in June for its fifth consecutive monthly increase. Manufacturing IP moved up 0.2 percent, but because factory output has vacillated in recent months, its level in June was little different from February.