Forged in Fire: What Good Can Come from a National Emergency?  

Yvonne Goldsberry, Ph.D., Endowment for Health President
There's no doubt that we're living through a challenging and historic chapter. The stress of the pandemic on our communities from both our ailing health and economy is creating extreme inconveniences for some and near catastrophic circumstances for many. The myriad organizations that make up our health, housing and social service systems are caught in the fire of the pandemic. And those that operate under perpetual strain are even more tenuous now as this vulnerable structure rapidly changes and flexes to meet the needs of the residents of our state.
We stand with families and communities working hard to respond to COVID-19. To our state's public health experts, social service providers, health-care professionals, and grocery, utility, and delivery workers, we extend heartfelt thanks for your courage and service. And to our many community partners who are doing amazing and heroic work, we send our gratitude and respect.
Meeting The Challenge, Fighting for NH
In the words of our community partners
"The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the forefront many of the issues New Futures has been working on for years to address. From the cost of prescription drugs to children's behavioral health services to access to childcare and family supports, this crisis has exposed significant holes in New Hampshire's public health system. New Futures is working hard to bring together a broad range of service providers, policy makers, families and other stakeholders to develop solutions to some of the most urgent concerns inflamed by the coronavirus. We are engaging with diverse coalitions to address these deficiencies to ensure the safety of vulnerable children and families, expand the resources available to health care providers, and secure the viability of our childcare and family resource centers now and into the future. New Futures is committed to helping New Hampshire overcome this crisis and to building a stronger public health system for the generations to come."
--Michele Merritt, President and CEO, New Futures
Closing the Digital Divide, Opening Doors to Opportunity
"More than 20 percent of lower-income children lack home access to broadband and a computer," NCDE Executive Director Dr. Robert McLaughlin explained. "In normal, pre-covid times, this put kids at a big disadvantage. Now that distance learning is necessary throughout the pandemic, we're working with community leaders in Manchester to address the digital divide facing K-12 students without home broadband and computers. Operation Lemonade aims to narrow the digital divide that makes it harder for lower-income learners of all ages across NH to gain the digital access and skills needed for economic and educational opportunity."

--Bob McLaughlin, Executive Director,
National Collaborative for Digital Equity
If You've Never Heard of the 'Homework Gap' This Video Will Shock You
If You've Never Heard of the 'Homework Gap' This Video Will Shock You
"This current COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted that we are stronger when we are working together for our common health and well-being. In this time, the NH Alliance for Healthy Aging (NH AHA) is using its power as a convener to bring together providers and advocates across the care continuum to identify challenges and develop creative solutions. As an example, NH AHA has helped unify voices for the all- too-often invisible direct care workforce that provides critical daily care and supports to older people and people with serious health needs in their homes and in facilities. Standing together with advocates, state leaders and providers across the care continuum, we work for the safety and sustainability of critical services and supports for healthy aging during this crisis and beyond."

--Jennifer Rabalais, Director, NH Alliance for Healthy Aging


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