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Forging a Path after Graduation

What happens after high school graduation? Our College & Career Department works to prepare our students for life after graduation. Are they thinking about college? Do they want to pursue a trade and join the workforce? Or even start their own business?


The College & Career team exposes LFLA’s high school students to a myriad of options to help them determine their path. So far this year, students have toured six college campuses: Fontbonne University, Lindenwood University, University of Missouri - St. Louis, Washington University, Harris-Stowe State University, and Lincoln University. An additional five college representatives have visited LFLA students on our campus.


In March, our College & Career Department will be taking interested juniors and seniors to eight out-of-state Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU): Philander Smith College; University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff; Grambling State University; Jackson State University; Alcorn State University; Tougaloo College; Dillard University; and Xavier University.


"Helping students and parents with financial aid forms and scholarships is also key," expressed Patricia Mosley, Director of the Counseling & Career Department. "We've held two parent/student meetings this semester to specifically assist with filling out the FAFSA (Free Application for Financial Student Aid) applications. They're complicated and it's important to fill them out accurately."


For students interested in pursuing a trade, the College & Career team plans career fairs on campus and also takes students to a variety of trade events in the community. For example, in November, Florissant Valley Community College held a Trade & Career event featuring representatives from such fields as plumbing, welding, construction, and cybersecurity. Also on hand were first responders and representatives from local police and fire departments. More than 20 students attended the event, which offered an engaging and interactive experience with a variety of trade professionals.


In December, several students visited two engineering firms, and an automotive career day was held on December 14th with sales and service professionals from the automotive industry.


Listen to Patricia Mosley, Director of the College & Career Department as she highlights her team's efforts.

College & Career Counseling

A Note from Dr. Noble

The school shooting that occurred on Monday, October 24th, at Central Visual & Performing Arts High School precipitated some immediate discussion and changes to our school's security plan. Within days, we secured the employment of an armed school safety officer, Laquisha Jackson, who is primarily stationed in the high school and main lobby.


In addition, we hired two school safety monitors: Franklin Wilson, who oversees the elementary school; and Sam Merzweiler, who monitors the 5th & 6th Grade Center.


The school also expanded video surveillance and monitoring stations throughout the campus, and improved signage outside building entrances and inside the buildings to assist students, staff, and potentially first responders. Additional active shooter training with students is being scheduled in the near future.


Our priority is to ensure the utmost safety for our students and staff, and our hope is that we never experience an active shooter incident.

Laquisha Jackson, new security officer at LFLA.

Helping the Homeless

Junior La'Juan knows what it's like. He and his family were homeless from the time he was 6 years old until he was a freshman at the age of 15. "I don't want to see anyone homeless," he said firmly. "I went through it, and it's hard."


La'Juan's chosen career path is social work. In his SOAR class, which promotes students' internships in their selected fields, he has been working with St. Peter & Paul Shelter to collect clothing and food for the homeless. "It makes me feel good for a long time to help the homeless. So I'm going to keep doing it!"


For four weeks, La'Juan ran a schoolwide drive for clothing and food. He created a video that he asked teachers to show to their students, and he displayed flyers about the event that he prominently displayed in the halls.


On Tuesday, December 6th, he brought a large load of donations into St. Peter & Paul Shelter. They were elated, to say the least. But La'Juan is not done. He will continue to collect supplies throughout the school year to help the homeless, because he knows what it's like.

If you would like to make a donation, contact his teacher, Sara Redel at

Teri Dunn, Peter & Paul Project Manager, and La'Juan, on right.

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Our Distinguished Boards

Our two Boards are composed of talented, strategic thought leaders who dedicate their time and skills to enhancing the vision and quality of our educational institution. We are grateful for their service. They're working to make us the best that we can possibly be!

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Javon McFadden, student representative

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