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March 2018
Jie Xiao, Yuyan Shao, Jason Zhang, and Jun Liu are among the top 1% most cited... read more.
PNNL is developing a novel non-aqueous flow battery design based on a new redox material... read more.
Testimony summarizes status of energy storage research, future needs... read more
Join us in Seattle, Wash. March 28-29, 2018 for this DOE forum on energy storage... read more.
Nevada Governor's of Energy and PNNL reach agreement... read more.
Inaugural meeting held in China brings together key influencers... read more.
Researchers to partner with Magna Services of America, GM, Eck Industries, and Mallinda LLC... read more.
PNNL has developed a new catalyst that converts 70% of ethanol to butadiene in industrially relevant process conditions... read more.
Researchers created a catalyst that reduces pollutants at temperatures expected in advanced engines... read more.
Efficient BuildingsBuildings
Senate Testimony on Building Efficiency
PNNL's Virden spoke about technology enabling buildings to become more efficient... read more.
Researchers at PNNL study connected lighting systems for recommended improvements... read more.
Researcher recognized for lifetime achievement in energy efficiency... read more.
Power GridGrid

National Grid-PNNL Collaboration
The electric grid of the future is closer, thanks to a new public-private partnership... read more.
Chief electrical engineer, Jeff Dagle, made the list - coming in at #17... read more.

PNNL researchers have developed a better way to estimate past radiation doses to nuclear workers... read more.
Committee will evaluate DOE's cleanup technology development efforts over the course of 18 months... read more.
Researchers recently demonstrated a new tank waste retrieval method... read more.
Renewable PowerRenewables
PNNL has developed a self-healing cement that could repair itself in as little as a few hours... read more.
The Solar Thermochemical Advanced Reactor System converts 70 percent of solar energy into chemical energy... read more.
Researchers are studying subsurface fractures and fluid flow at the Sanford Underground Research Facility... read more.
Molly Grear's research includes designing marine renewable energy devices that are proven not to harm mammals... read more.
"Green" fracking fluid relies on a safe chemical process to create fractures underground... read more.
PNNL's Bonneville and Oregon State University's Schultz each hold a joint appointment... read more.
Nuclear Energy Nuclear

Corralling Xenon Gas Out of Waste Streams
Researchers have found a way to separate gas from air or waste streams that may make it far less expensive... read more.
PNNL is part of a team investigating potential risks posed to spent nuclear fuel during transport... read more.

Researchers from PNNL will be among the projected 2,000 energy experts from more than 16 countries that will attend the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit March 13 through 15. The ninth-annual event will be held in National Harbor, Maryland. Five PNNL research booths will highlight efforts ranging from the power grid to biofuels... read more.

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