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July 2017
Columbia Basin Consulting Group, based in Kennewick, Wash., is developing a lead bismuth-cooled fast reactor concept. With new funding from the Department of Energy, they will draw on PNNL's extensive experience working with liquid metal-cooled fast reactors as well as its knowledge of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's licensing process. The new reactors will operate at near atmospheric pressure with additional safety features... read more.
Engineer focuses on safety analysis and spent nuclear fuel... read more.
Dave Anderson is serving on the Environmental Siting Consensus Committee... read more.
Representatives from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission visited PNNL... read more.
Advanced LightingLighting
Report reveals why spectrum alone is not enough to evaluate increased brightness in night sky... read more.
New report explains how converging capabilities can deliver savings for connected lighting systems... read more.
13 organizations were recognized for upgrading to efficient lighting systems... read more.
Efficient BuildingsBuildings
Lab honored with 2017 Leadership in Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Award... read more.
New report finds big energy savings if building controls are used... read more.
Energy efficiency researcher invited to U.S. Frontiers of Engineering Symposium... read more.
Power GridGrid
Jeff Dagle serves on committee that aims to enhance power grid resiliency... read more.
PNNL and partners developed a competition platform that will spur grid optimization... read more.
UniEnergy Technologies received award in partnership with PNNL... read more.

Report recommends new practices for ecosystem restoration, an $18 billion investment... read more.
The Lab received an award from Bechtel National, Inc for serving as a key contributor... read more.

Four new projects were announced by the PNNL-led Lightweight Materials Consortium... read more.
New method for observing catalytic conditions creates an in situ environment inside the image chamber... read more.
PNNL-led consortium awards funding for 15 different lithium-metal projects... read more.
Scientists from around the world are set to tackle technical challenges at the Newberry Geothermal Test Facility. A September workshop looks to develop a proposal to drill at the ready-to-use facility in Central Oregon. The workshop is funded by the International Continental Drilling Program and additional funding sources will be identified at the workshop... read more.
Fossil EnergyFossil
A review by PNNL researchers finds that an improved carbon capture technology that uses about half the energy of today's standard technologies can increase U.S. energy production. "Water-lean" solvents are the focus of the review, which found that these next-generation solvents pull out enough carbon from power plant emissions to make it cost-effective, requiring half as much energy as traditional solvents ... read more.
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