Research towards a clean energy future.
November 2016
Transportation Transportation

PNNL's process for converting alcohol to synthetic paraffinic kerosene is ready for takeoff... read more.
Researches are using high-field magnets to cool and liquefy hydrogen with a 50% increase in efficiency... read more.

Efficient Buildings Buildings

Awardees recognized in 2016 Lighting Energy Efficiency in Parking Campaign... read more.
New PNNL report finds that implementing building codes could save $126 billion on consumers' energy bills... read more.

Power Grid Grid
To solve our nation's most complex problems, such as clean energy, cyber security, and climate change, the ability to quickly and accurately connect and evaluate numerous variables is vital. With funding from DOE's Exascale Computing Project, researchers at PNNL are enabling super-fast calculations to help support grid operators. How fast? One quintillion calculations per second. The speed required to handle issues on the grid... read more.
Energy Storage Storage

Patrick Balducci, renowned energy storage expert, is now president of PNREC... read more.
PNNL researcher Xiaoliang Wei received the Ronald L. Brodzinski Award for his redox flow battery work... read more.

Nuclear Energy Nuclear
William Ivans was recognized for his contributions to the quality assurance evaluation of safety software used in buildings, including nuclear facilities. The software, called the Consolidated Model of Fire and Smoke Transport, simulates the impact of past or potential fires and smoke in a specific building environment. Ivans worked with the software developer, NIST, to resolve issues... read more.
Renewable EnergyRenewable

New tag uses fish swimming motion as an energy source; works until fish dies... read more.
PNNL researches plan to add polymers to cement used around geothermal wells... read more.

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