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June 2017
Researchers developed step-by-step explanation of how a lithium-air battery forms bubbles... read more.
Liu named Inventor of the Year; Sprenkle became a Distinguished Inventor of Battelle... read more.
The chemistry of lithium-sulfur batteries could allow electric vehicles to go twice as far as conventional batteries... read more.
Sue Cange, Acting Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management, visited the Lab... read more.
The Oppenheimer Science and Energy Leadership Program wrapped up in Spring 2017... read more.
He was recognized for contributions to the Soil Science Society of America... read more.
Power GridGrid
In March, Carl Imhoff testified on grid modernization before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. He was one of seven witnesses who provided testimony on opportunities to improve American energy infrastructure. Imhoff briefly described the federal role in grid modernization efforts, primarily through investments in high-risk/high-reward research to address national challenges, and working in collaboration with industry... read more.
Efficient BuildingsBuildings
Nearly three dozen case studies highlight success of Zero Energy Ready Homes... read more.
Portable case licensed by two companies to make energy efficiency easier in small commercial buildings... read more.
DOE challenge effectively stimulates market development for previously unmet commercial building need... read more.

Image captured during neutron irradiation selected by Materials Research Society... read more.
Poster covers the effect of neutron irradiation on friction stir processed alloys... read more.

ThermChem Corporation and Emerald Energy NW will collaborate with PNNL... read more.
Elizabeth Stephens presented with "Minorities in Energy Champion" and selected for WA State STEM project... read more.
Hydrogen safety experts highlight Hydrogen Tools; say hydrogen as a vehicle fuel can be handled and used safely... read more.
Thermal video camera and software quantifies flight tracks of animals that live offshore... read more.
Company's method to manufacture metal-organic frameworks will be tested and improved under PNNL collaboration... read more.
Juvenile lamprey acoustic tags, weighing just 0.08 grams, are being tested in the field for the first time ever... read more.
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