Issue Number 10 - October 2016

I have been suggesting in class that we cultivate and direct healing energy into the heart center in order to heal the wounds of the past. In this way we can learn to self soothe and become potent healers. Interestingly, striving for perfection in all that you do is not the problem. In fact, I enjoy the focus it takes to do my best work. This mindset only becomes problematic when we fall short of our expectations. Then the ego takes over and we become critical of our self-induced goals. Before we know it, negative self talk consumes us.  

This type of suffering causes us to feel badly towards ourselves, creating negative energy that we then project onto others-usually those we love and care about.  Blaming may feel like a way out of this suffering for you, but it can consume us and be the way we go through life, leaving us wondering why we have no real connections with friends or family.

How can we live a different way? The perfectionist in you is a scar from when you were 5-8 years old.  We decided when we were children that perfection was a way to earn love from our parents and feel good about ourselves.  A child might think, "If I do everything perfectly I will not get criticized but will enjoy praise and compliments."

What if you did your best and had no expectations? The outcome would just be as it is supposed to be. What if we slip up and go down the road of self criticism, but then STOP and become aware of what we are doing and make the CHOICE to love ourselves for the effort and not the outcome?  

Imagine going down this negative path and stopping for a moment to be more objective.  We can see then that the world does not revolve around us. We are only a speck in this huge universe. Imagine in this moment placing your hands on your heart and saying out loud, "I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you." And then move on.  This proactive step is a choice that you can make to empower yourself and return to your natural human state of joy, happiness, self-respect and love.

~ Brian Delaney

Ho'Oponopono Meditation 
 Hawaiian Forgiveness Meditation
Here are the four phrases:
1) I'm sorry.
2) Please forgive me.
3) Thank you.
4) I love you.

Ho'Oponopono means to "set things right".
It's about letting go of the past and moving towards acceptance. As we do this, we experience more freedom and peace, thus making space for new experiences and blessings in our lives.

This meditation based around four key phrases - perhaps four of the hardest phrases to say. That is why it's so magical. Doesn't it feel good to forgive yourself? It means you are setting yourself free!

Set an intention to practice this mediation for 6-20 minutes a day for 40 days.

Upcoming Events 

Yoga Festiva
October 22nd from 4:30-9pm

Inner Axis 
with Max Strom 
November 4-6th
Max will be leading a full weekend of workshops at Greenville Yoga co-hosted by Vibrant Life Yoga & Greenville Yoga. 

Fall Mini-Retreat 
with Silica
November 20th, 4-6pm

Restorative Yoga with  
Melissa Helms accompanied by a Live Sound Bath with Mirabai Moon 
December 11, 4:30-6pm
Kirtan with Mirabai Moon from 7-9pm


Exciting New Teachers and Classes

   Jill Wrenn

Slow Flow/Yin
Starts October 2nd
Sundays 2-3:30pm

Make the most of your weekend by making time for yourself. This class relaxes and resets your mind and body with slow, breath-inspired movement followed by a grounding Yin yoga sequence. Jill teaches you how to breathe deeply and find the expression of each pose that suits your body. Whether you are new to yoga or have a regular practice, this class will help you greet the beginning of each week with a clear mind, refreshed body, and open heart. 

Mandy Learo

Feel Good Flow 
Starts October 15th
Sundays 9:15-10:30am

Feel Good Flow is a mindful vinyasa class where students infuse yoga postures with intuitive movement, harnessing the power of traditional asana while honoring the body's innate intelligence and capacity for self-healing. Spiritual themes, creative sequences, and a relaxed approach to anatomical cues guide the experience. The level of physical intensity is customized to the needs of students, and all levels are welcome. Attendees will leave feeling both energized and calm, ready for the week ahead