Sunday, February 3, 2019

Finding coherence in the view of who is worthy of forgiveness and successful rehabilitation is no easy task.

A media mob doesn't care about your bank account or your state of mind. The story of a Silicon Valley pile-on.

Philosophers, historians and professors sound the alarm over bully tactics that are shutting down robust debate about the future of France.

Clifton Ross, a longtime writer on Venezuela, explores the painful journey of the country and how it has changed his viewpoint forever.

What can we take from a modern reading of the ideas of Rousseau, Marx, Nietzsche and Heidegger?

Are NGO policies always built on a foundation of truth or are they sometimes signalling for dollars?

In his uncompromising view of knowledge as an experience, freedom of speech becomes more foundational than ever.

Combine CanLit's suffocating monoculture with its dependency on government funding, and the industry's lacklustre results are a foregone conclusion.



"Just as companies both sell products and brands, so too, do human rights NGOs. They produce ethical products (e.g. issue awareness campaigns) that function in part to enhance the donor’s reputation. Human rights NGOs compete in an overcrowded charity market by convincing donors they can offer the best signaling value. And donors pick and choose which charity they believe will best improve their self-presentation."

One Halloween I wanted to be Lando Calrissian

My mom said, son, it's time for some listening

She said, you are white and Calrissian's black

I said, I figured that out a while back

I told her my black friend was gonna be Skywalker

She said that was different and things turned awkward...

A young-adult author and journalist, discusses a YA writer who’s withdrawn her debut novel  after being mobbed.

Bill Kristol, founder of the Weekly Standard , on the future of journalism, conservative politics and the stars who emerged from his magazine’s pages.
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