Desert Jewel Institute
July, 2016
Forgiveness Now? Later? How?

Approach forgiveness with a gentleness and compassion for you. Forgiveness brings progress, relief and inner #peace.
Forgiving someone is actually more for our own benefit than the one being forgiven. Our peace of mind is at stake, our happiness and possibly our health too. As we free ourselves of old emotional burdens we are clearer, more open to our intuition and our union with God.
To forgive anything such as a betrayal, physical or emotional harm, abuse or neglect it helps to:
1.       Have a reliable, healthy support network - counselors, sponsors, and/ or a minister
2.       Journal exactly what you are upset about
3.       Read it to a trusted friend - preface it explaining you prefer silence or validation.
4.       Then take it to God and ask for help to see in a new ligh t and to let this go.
5.       Verbalize and write "I forgive _______________ for _____________________.
6.       Tear it up and burn it.
7.       Any thoughts about the person can be followed with this prayer: I pray for _____________'s health, happiness and prosperity. (It is ok to not mean it at this point.)
I pray for my compassion, #love and understanding. (Repeat the prayer every time you think of this person. It may be multiple times per day and it may take weeks. Eventually you'll think of the person less and there will be less of a charge when you do.
8.       Acknowledge your willingness to let go and your progress and your openness to growth.
9.       An additional prayer if desired is to ask God to pull your resentments, regrets, judgement and grudges for (name the person) and to give me acceptance to replace all that.
Forgiveness generally takes a bit of time. Please be
kind to yourself. Work yourself up to it. Use your
support system and watch the miracle of healing
come from your efforts.


Lynne Cockrum-Murphy
Desert Jewel Institute