MUNSAN‚ąíRI, SOUTH KOREA, 25 June 1950: At 0400, a thunderous barrage began along the rain-soaked 38th parallel; war had come to the Korean peninsula. Despite assurances from American military advisors in South Korea, the Republic of Korea (R.O.K.) Army was no match for the Korean People's Army (K.P.A.) force totaling 100,000 troops and spearheaded by 150 Russian-made T-34/85 tanks, against which the R.O.K. had no effective defense...
HILL 235, near SOLMA-RI, KOREA, 25 April 1951: Though vastly outnumbered, the remnants of the 1st Battalion, The Gloucestershire Regiment (the Glosters) held on in the vicinity of Hill 235 and continued to block the main Chinese avenue of advance on Seoul. However, repeated and relentless Chinese assaults had exhausted the men and all but the last of their ammunition. Relief efforts by U.N. forces, including tanks, failed to break through to the surrounded Glosters as the Chinese ambushed the column at a critical juncture on the narrow mountain road. Even air drops failed, as supplies missed the confined British perimeter. The Glosters, still under orders to "hold in place," prepared for what must be the final blow...

Korea Like You've Never Seen It Before...

For the first time, an Advanced Squad Leader module steps outside of the traditional World War II era to bring you FORGOTTEN WAR, covering the Korean War of 1950-1953.
New rules in FORGOTTEN WAR cover Steep Hills (reflecting the difficulties of movement and combat in the rugged Korean terrain); Bayonet Charges; Proximity Fuses; and enhanced Air Support featuring Tactical Air Control Parties, airborne Forward Air Controllers, and the jet-propelled aircraft of the era such as the F-80C Shooting Star and the F9F-2 Panther.
FORGOTTEN WAR includes several new nationalities, each with its own distinct characteristics, and expands some existing nationalities. FORGOTTEN WAR nationalities include the following:
United Nations (U.N.) Forces:
  • R.O.K. (Republic of Korea);
  • O.U.N.C. (Other United Nations Commands), representing forces from such countries as Colombia, Ethiopia, France, Thailand, and Turkey, all of whom contributed to the U.N. effort;
  • U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps;
  • British and Commonwealth (Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand) forces
Communist Forces:
  • K.P.A. (Korean People's Army)
  • C.P.V.A. (Chinese People's Volunteer Army)

What's In The Box?

FORGOTTEN WAR components include:
  • seven countersheets
  • four 8" x 22" maps (See a sneak peek below of all four maps combined!)
  • sixteen ASL scenarios
  • Chapter W rules for the Korean War
  • Chapter H rules for American, Commonwealth, O.U.N.C., R.O.K., K.P.A., and C.P.V.A.
  • two chapter dividers
  • one box and lid
NOTE: Because FORGOTTEN WAR is venturing into new territory for ASL, we have placed it on preorder earlier than normal in the process. It may take longer to finish fine tuning and lay out than it will to hit its preorder number. We'll post updates and new images on this page as things progress.
FORGOTTEN WAR is not a complete game. Ownership of the Advanced Squad Leader Game System is required for play.
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