Run-time requirements, number of shifts, and the operational environment all play a role in which forklift you should consider.

The Pros & Cons List
Electric Forklift Advantages
  • Zero tailpipe emissions = safer work environment
  • Less noise during operation
  • No outside storage of tanks is necessary
Electric Forklift Disadvantages
  • May not perform well when required in high/constant duty or cold/wet applications
  • Cleaning, watering, and charging the battery may not be efficient in a multi-shift operation
  • Forgetting to charge the battery overnight can result in significant productivity losses
LPG/Propane Forklift Advantages
  • Little risk associated with running out of fuel other than the inconvenience of having to change propane cylinders
  • Initial investment is lower
  • Better than most electric forklifts in high/constant duty applications
LPG/Propane Forklift Disadvantages
  • Rearward visibility is restricted due to the location of the propane tank
  • Liability exposure in the form of possible leakage of the fuel system.  
  • Higher fuel costs
Diesel Forklift Advantages
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Diesel lifts product more drive line torque at low RPM when compared to LPG and electric
  • Rearward visibility is better since there is no propane tank mounted on the back
Diesel Forklift Disadvantages
  • Not suitable for indoor use without expensive emissions accessories and proper ventilation
  • Initial cost of investment is high
  • Bulk tank for fuel storage is sometimes required 
Happy with the used lift & our service

One satisfied customer writes, "
You guys have been great to work with. I have been very happy with the service, and the response time. A new comparable machine is around $45,000 and it seems to put it all in prospective. Keith has it right now fixing an issue with a rear axle, and I should be hearing back from him soon. You have a good team in my opinion, and I look forward to having them continue making me look good to my boss for a while yet."
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