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Concord voters approve ban on polystyrene
The Concord Journal 
Concord recently joined a growing collection of Massachusetts towns that are taking the lead on this issue.  Rep. Smizik and I have filed a bill to enact such a measure statewide.
Facebook taps artificial intelligence for users with disabilities
USA Today

"Increasingly, tech giants from Microsoft to Yahoo are focusing on making technology more accessible to everyone."  The problem of inaccessible tech is a big one.  To solve it, we'll need an all-hands-on-deck approach.
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In my business, you meet people as they mark important moments in their lives.

Over the course of the past month Denny Alsop canoed down Massachusetts rivers, angling from the Berkshires all the way to Boston, to bring attention to the importance of clean water.  He made a pit stop at the confluence of three local gems: the Sudbury, the Assabet, and the Concord.  There we were joined by Alison Field-Juma of OARS, a group that does the heavy lifting of organizing volunteers to wade into local rivers to gather samples for testing.

Even a short time spent in juvenile detention can lower educational and job prospects for young people.  Programs that keep kids out of lock-up can make a difference.  One such initiative, run by RFK Children's Action Corps, has reduced the number of children held in detention while awaiting trial.  RFK provides 24/7 case management, including coordination with probation staff, curfew checks, and weekly family check-ins.  Sadenna of Springfield went through the program and formed a life-changing relationship with her RFK mentor.  Now she's an honor roll student.

In last year's state budget debate, I pushed for, and won, money to support both efforts.  OARS received funds for its water testing activities; RFK, to boost its presence in three juvenile courts.  During this year's budget debate in the Senate, coming up in several weeks, I'll try to make the case for each again.

Sen. Mike Barrett
Taking carbon pricing statewide
From Newton to Roslindale to Springfield, people are coming together to call for a price on carbon in Massachusetts, as I've proposed.  Learn more.  
Marking the 50th anniversary of a win for gender equality 
In 1966 Roberta "Bobbi" Gibb became the first woman to finish the Boston Marathon.  The rules restricted the competition to men, but Bobbi jumped in at the starting line to join the male runners.  She completed the course in an impressive 3 hours and 21 minutes.  To mark the 50th anniversary of her trail-blazing, the State Senate honored her.  Here, with Sen. Jehlen, Sen. Lewis, our honoree, and Sen. Lovely. 
Transatlantic idea-sharing
The Marshall Fellowship Program promotes transatlantic idea-sharing.  This year the Fellowship brought together a diverse crew that includes an international disability rights advocate, an Italian business executive, and a journalist for German public television.  Here, with State Rep. Denise Provost, talking state government and national politics.