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Form School of Feng Shui
There is a tremendous amount of wisdom that can be gained from nature and the environment. Understanding the root and origin of Feng Shui provides deeper insights into the profound influences that the environment has on one's health and vitality.  This month we delve into the roots of the foundation of Form School Feng Shui of which all Feng Shui perspectives developed from.  Enjoy!
Bridget Saraka , IFSG CEO 

Feng Shui Form School Principles

Some say that the original Feng Shui philosophy was based on topographical features of the land. Ancient shamans would "read" the land and look for important clues as to which areas would be most beneficial to place a home or village.

This "theory" has developed into what we now call "Form School."  Still utilized today, in fact all types of Feng Shui use Form as it's foundation, helps us to orient spaces based on the natural flow of energy.

Follow our series of types of Feng Shui... 

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Feng Shui Glossary Word of the Month:  Form School   

The original school of Feng Shui based on the observation of topographical features. It is the relationship of a particular place to its landform surroundings. A metaphor for the ideal form has the shape of an armchair. When looking out the front door, the structure is cradled by the Black Tortoise, the Azure Dragon on the left, the White Tiger on the right and the Red Phoenix in front. In practical terms good form places a structure with the solid stable qi/chi of a mountain or hill shape in the rear and the active energized qi/chi of active water or bright sun in the front. Finding the Dragon and Tiger energy in the landscape augments the beneficial effects. These original simple ideas evolved into specific protocols for interior placement and for exterior arrangement of a site, and are often symbolized by natural focal points such as trees, plants, hills and mountains, as well as by buildings and other man-made features.

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"Pin"spiration - Form School: The Four Celestial Animals

The Ideal Setting with the mountain (turtle) behind the home for protection and the wide open space in front of the home (phoenix).

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Final Thoughts 

We are on the 2nd newsletter of this series describing the different types of Feng Shui with three more types to come so if you find these first two schools (Compass and Form School) still do not speak to you, don’t worry as we have you covered.

When learning the art of Feng Shui then there will be one (or two perhaps) school of Feng Shui that will gravitate to you.  We always say in the Feng Shui community “how Feng Shui found me” instead of the other way around.

Hang in there and enjoy expanding your knowledge of Feng Shui and you will soon find out how each type builds on the other types, all with a solid foundation.

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