Seattle Yoga Arts, May 2016
Form and Flow 
Our bodies are like shorelines that receive the ocean of the infinite.   Every moment is a wave of aliveness, punctuated by breath, movement, and life potency. In just the way the ocean works on the shore, the infinite works on us with endless repetition and opportunity.  
We are re-sculpted by every movement we make, especially those movements that are done with attention and intention.
Attention to the body is simple, but not easy, beca use we delve into a non-verbal realm of sensing. We move into the world of image and metaphor.  Sensing is not problem solving, and doesn't demand any particular response.  As Roshi Joan Sutherland says, "Explanations settle things, put an end to the journey, which is sometimes a great relief and sometimes premature.  
Metaphors connect one thing to another, often in new ways, and the journey veers off in unexpected directions."

Body as shoreline, body receiving the ocean of the infinite, is not a fix-it prescription. It is an open invitation for imagination to explore the body in ways that are not predetermined by experience.  Roshi Joan Sutherland again: "Metaphors turn the hard iron of life into clay, play chords instead of single notes, and invent new colors out of the old.  They unstuck what's stuck; that's how they save us, over and over again."

A deep bow of gratitude,
~ Denise

With thanks to Karen Sprute-Francovich for being a master of imaging body and to Roshi Joan Sutherland for her book: 
"Acequias and Gates: Miscellaneous Writings on Koans."
Upcoming Events
Farewell, Aimee!
Our wonderful Studio Manager, Aimee, is moving on to a new adventure.  It's impossible to express our gratitude for the work Aimee has done at the studio for the last 5 1/2 years. She has managed the studio with caring attentiveness and kept things running smoothly.
Please join me in thanking Aimee for her hard work and dedication and wishing her well as she begins a new chapter in her life.
Hello, Nicole!
Introducing our new  studio manager, Nicole Brat!  Nicole has recently moved to Seattle from San Francisco and we are thrilled to have her 
working with us at SYA.
A yogi of many talents, Nicole owns a graphic design business and has steeped herself in yoga community as a student and teacher earning her RYT-500 teaching certification. She is very much looking forward to building connections and ties to our amazing Seattle Yoga Arts community.
Nicole will be shadowing Aimee for the next few weeks as she gets up to speed, so please say hello when you see her!
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Fridays at 10
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