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April ushers in the season of special events, such as proms and formals. A lot of planning goes into making those events special: Who do you want to ask? What's a creative way to invite your date? What should you wear? Where to make dinner reservations? How can you get to and from the event safely? Planning ahead can make the evening special, fun, and safe--make sure you have a designated driver (or car service!), and encourage your friends to do the same. Sometimes you attend an event with someone you're just getting to know--communication before the event is really important to ensure that you are on the same page regarding after-parties, where you are staying that night, and expectations for the evening. A little advance planning goes a long way toward a safe and fun night!

Gordie's Call Ideas and Updates
GORDIEday Any Day
While National GORDIEday is during National Hazing Prevention Week in September, you can host a GORDIEday any day! The University of Virginia's College at Wise hosted a GORDIEday in the student center during their spring break safety campaign in March. They looped the Gordie Center documentary HAZE throughout the event, offered GORDIEcheck BAC cards to students, and had students sign the Pledge to Check.
Give to the Gordie Center on April 12!
We are participating in UVA's 24-hour giving campaign, GivingToHoosDay, to advance our current initiatives. A generous donor has provided a matching gift challenge of up to $15,000 for donations made to the Gordie Center by 11:59pm on April 12th. New donors to the Gordie Center will receive a 2:1 dollar match during this campaign. Donate now and track our match progress throughout the day on April 12th!

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month
There are many ways to incorporate sexual assault prevention education on your campus and in your community. The National Sexual Violence Resource Center offers great tools for a successful SAAM campaign . Alcohol use can impair the ability to give affirmative consent to sexual activity. Check out the tools offered by It's On Us and One Love to get tips on what consent means, what relationship violence might look like, and how to help if you sense a problem. By bringing a Green Dot training to your institution, you will learn how to s pread green dots across your campus, signifying an intolerance for violence and a willingness to pull a friend out of a high-risk situation.
Infographic Source: University of Virginia, designed by UVA student Sara Neel '15
Until next month,

Susie Bruce,  Director, Gordie Center for Substance Abuse Prevention
Jill Maurer, Gordie's Call Coordinator

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